Field Log 7/21/2010 (Yucca Pod Resurge)

North Erath County, Texas, Lat 32.43 N, Long -98.36 W, elev. 1,086 ft. Turkey Creek Quad.

Grass remains high and relatively green in north Erath County, Texas.

Broomweed shredding seems in order today.

Must plan for a quick construction of stock pen in Pecan Tree Pasture to manage horses so that they do not overeat the grass.  Horses have not been feeding in the far pasture anytime this summer.

The Persian barn cat, Bubbles, has disappeared.  I have not seen him for two weeks.  My small animal vet says that owls are significant predators on cats and small dogs.  Bubbles was quite close to the barn.  Perhaps he will reappear.

Some yucca pods appear to be re-greening.

Pale-Leaf Yucca Pods Resurge

Nowack, to the north of us, across County Road 114, hired a farmer to bale the prairie grass in his south field.

Nowack South Field with Round Bales

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