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Attending Western Writers of America conference, Tucson, Arizona


I am attending the Western Writers of America conference in Tucson, Arizona, 19 June 2019–22 June 2019.

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High Country Merry Christmas 

img_0723I send you Merry Christmas greetings from Taos, New Mexico, where I am visiting my family.

Snow falls today and Taos Mountain is obscured, yet clouds dash past and the peak emerges in sunlight.

I drove about this morning and Mass was being said at Ranchos de Taos and Old Martina’s Hall beckoned me to come in and warm myself, in time, at the bar again.  I will go again.

Aspens grow high next door.

I split wood and keep the fire burning.  This period of time, December 10 through January 20, is The Time for Staying Still, according to Taos Indian ceremonialism.  Letting the earth renew itself is The Purpose, the reason for staying still.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.  Renew yourself.



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December clouds at Flying Hat


I am sitting on my back porch, looking south, into high cirrus clouds.


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Sage blossom and sky noir


A mid-morning rain fell on the place. The air is cool, almost cold, and the sky has not cleared and probably will not this day. This photograph shows a break in the clouds towards the south, the town of Stephenville, lying about nineteen miles away. My mother came to Stephenville–I tagged along–and bought plants at Wolfe Nursery. The nursery had a large sign of a wolf that signaled the entry to the nursery that encompassed acres and acres of tended trees and several hothouses.


The rain caused an eruption of this blossom upon the sage near the house.

Fall has come to the place, the farm, the ranchito, the people of Sims Valley, and all the wildlife abounding.


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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

I wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! May your family and friends be fortunate in all pursuits that bring peace, harmony, and unity on this good earth in the coming year.

Junipers symbolize my spirit for the tree is evergreen, ever present through the year, bringing warmth at fireside and shade in summer. It is nature at its finest.

(The photograph above of horses comes from the American Southwest on Christmas Eve, 2012.)


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Ranchito pond winter solstice

This is my ranchito pond three days ago before winter solstice today. I scared ducks from the water. They arose and congregated in the air with a flock that soared from Blue’s pond forming an all-school choir, beating wings westward to Celebrity Ranch.



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