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Star with water

Star with water sprinkler in Broke Tree Corral (June 28, 2012)

Hot weather pervades my place, but it also falls across so many regions this summer.  Colorado suffers this season with wildfires close to Colorado Springs.

My gelding, Star, sweats in temperatures during the day that come in at 100, 102, 108 deg.  Rains have fallen this spring so there is green and wildfires are negligible.  But, Star got water spray today.  After an hour of his nuzzling the spray and standing over the water, I shut it off.

His hooves were trimmed yesterday and like cutting our fingernails close to the quick, he was stiff today in walking to the hay bin, so, I turned the sprinkler on to cool him and to soften the earth upon which he walks.  My water comes from a water cooperative, the Barton Creek Cooperative.  I’ll spend a few more dollars this summer and turn the sprinkler on for Star.


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Salt Creek Butterfield

Lately, rains fell and Salt Creek flows, shallow water pools form and grass sprouts from the bank.

Near Abilene, the Butterfield mail and stage line crossed the semi-arid desert, terminating in San Francisco.  Behind this historical marker, my friend Blu Cooksey leases the pasture for cattle.  Near where the Butterfield stables stood, nails, mule shoes and horse shoes may still be found after a hard rain.

I must mow the lawn about the ranch house since rains have come this spring.  Last year, I mowed only twice because of the drought.


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