Fanny with Verbena

Fanny with Verbena, Spring 2010

I thought you might like this photograph.  I do.  It doesn’t have all the right composition angles, but it’s a good snapshot.  But, ’tis not a Kodak moment any more, folks, is it?  Digital.

Anyway, it’s a picture of Shiners Fannin Peppy on a warm spring day a few weeks ago.  Fanny is coming up the pasture to where I am standing on Poprock Hill.  The sun is shining brightly, it’s probably near high noon as I recollect.  You can see that her coat is sleek and she is a good two-year old that has been trained well and tended–Duncan Steele-Park’s regime of education.

In the background, emerging and standing brilliantly, is a nice stand of purple verbena.  Verbena has been all over the place this spring–in pastures, corrals, stables, front yard, back yard.  There’s some yellow flowers also in the mix and some yucca blossom stalks about ready to burst.  It’s just a fine, sunny picture on a good day here on Flying Hat.

And, here she is up on the edge of Poprock Hill, being cute and pretty and all-horse.

Fanny with Live Oak, Spring 2010

Equus Fanny, Spring 2010

Equus. Long ago and faraway I read the play, Equus, and saw the movie with Sir Richard Burton as the psychiatrist.  Peter Shaffer wrote the play in 1973, based on a true story.  It’s not a pleasant story at all, and I won’t summarize it here, but the play and Burton’s acting inspired me to delve more into depth psychology and formative events in human development.  As a result, I became immersed in anthropology.  I was already in anthropology as a sub-field of my discipline, history, but I went way, way down into the discipline and eventually began to teach cultural and physical anthropology at a college in the Texas Panhandle.

There are many starting points for learning a field of knowledge.  Wherever you find that interest, follow it and exhaust your curiosity by reading late into the night, visiting museums and researching in libraries–wherever it takes you, go, go, go!  One of my starting points was Equus.

Did I say I liked horses?

Yes, I did say that, especially Fanny in verbena, on a sunny spring day.


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16 responses to “Fanny with Verbena

  1. Kittie Howard

    being cute and pretty and all-horse . . . I love this, how you described Fanny . . . and the Verbena are gorgeous . . . what beautiful spring photos . . . and, Jack, I’m truly surprised at how my Followers jumped. Around Follower number 85 I began getting e-mails wishing me luck reaching 100, how individual Followers had encouraged their Followers to check out my blog . . . the well-spring of community support really touched my heart. Where’s it all going? I haven’t a clue except to enjoy the ride. I do know that the shout-outs Jen gave me at Unedited caused some of her Followers to come over and linger. (Don’t hesitate to drop in on Jen; she’s very good about leaving comments.) Anyway, my next blog will celebrate reaching 100 Followers (as I’ve learned is the custom) in a somewhat unorthodox way (I’m still Kittie!), probably next Wednesday. Anyway, I applaud you for reaching farther and obtaining a degree in cultural anthropology, the foundation of so much, and a part of what makes your blog so special

  2. Jack, I didn’t realize that you teach anthropology. Fits, of course. Love these pix of Fanny, especially the close-up. Your description of the spring flowers all around…. I was always fascinated by the Equus story. I appreciate your encouragement to go deeper into an interest, any interest, and see where it will take a person. ~ Teresa

  3. Very nice close up of her, I can almost hear her breath

  4. Perfect photos for the Springtime. And what a beauty of a mare.

  5. Leslie

    I’m proud to say I now am the owner of Shiners Fannin Peppy! We call her Dually!

  6. Addi Fairchild

    Hi I’m Addi Fairchild, Fannys now owner. I’ve had her for about 5 years and her name is now dually. I’m not sure if you’ll see this comment or not. I decided I would just look her name and I seen this I was like omg that’s my horse. I was wondering if you would like to see her again. If so and you see this please message me 361-401-1213. I really hope you get back with me!!

    • Oh, my. Yes, I would like to. I’ve missed her terribly. I out of town for the holidays, but when I get back to Fort Worth I’ll certainly call! I’m so happy you got in touch with me.

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