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Volunteer Fire Departments — Possum Kingdom Complex Fire 21 APR 11

Please note that if you wish to add your VFD to this list or give other pertinent information, please e-mail me at matthewsranch@msn.com and I will append your information to this list.  I mean no offense if you are not on this list, so assist me in compiling this information.  Thanks — Jack Matthews.

I have compiled a list of a number of volunteer fire departments that I have seen in the field fighting the Possum Kingdom Complex Fire on the southern, middle and western sides of the fire lines.  Contact the VFD by telephone for information on giving cash donations or other commodities.  Please note that other VFDs have worked in the fire zones that I do not list here.  I have seen Fort Worth, Bedford, Dallas, Graham, Coleman, Cunningham and other companies in the area.

These are the VFDs closest to my area in southern Palo Pinto-northern Erath Counties of Texas.


Info/Chief (Charles Sims): (940) 329-8350
P.O. Box 485
Palo Pinto, TX 76484

Lone Camp VFD website
* * *


PO Box 296
Palo Pinto, TX 76484
Telephone: (940) 659-3900

* * *


201 E Rusk ST
Santo, TX
Telephone: 940-769-2060

* * *


111 E Crockett ST
Gordon, TX
Telephone: 254-693-5312
Fax: 254-693-5859

* * *


4809 Green Acres RD
Graham, TX
Telephone: (940) 549-8231
Fax: (940) 549-8265

* * *


212 S Oak AVE
Mineral Wells, TX
Telephone: 940-328-7741
Fax: 940-328-7731

* * *


610 Grant AVE
Strawn, TX 76475
Telephone: 254-672-5333

* * *

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Fire near Possum Kingdom Lake 15 APR 11

Smoke from Possum Kingdom Lake fire, MM 373, I-20, Mingus, Texas

Today is a bad day, a tragic day for our area in west-central Texas.  A firefighter has been killed in fighting a fire near Gorman, Texas, about thirty-five miles west of us.

Our place is not in danger from the uncontrolled fires.  Last Sunday we had nine-tenths of an inch of rain so there has been some moisture about the grass and trees.  Not so north and west of us a few miles.  I have the F-250 at the ready to hitch the horse trailer and take our livestock out of the area.  In DeLeon, Texas, close to Gorman where the fire took the life of the firefighter, they have set up large stock pens for cattle, sheep and horses to be maintained.  Local feed stores, farmers and ranchers have donated hay.

If necessary, I will drive to the Equine Sports Medicine and Surgery area for Star to be stabled.

There are at least four fires in the immediate area north and west of us.  Today we have had the highest sustained wind for the year at about 34 m.p.h. and gusts over 55 m.p.h.  The Texas Highway Patrol has closed State Highway north of Strawn, Texas, a nearby village to us.

State Highway 16 closed by Texas Highway Patrol.

I had to run an errand to Mingus Quick Stop and I took these photographs of the sky and smoke.  The fire is approximately sixty miles away from where I took these pictures.  The smell is pungent and eyes burn.  My wife, Brenda, drove to Abilene this afternoon to attend a conference and fires were also breaking out west of Cisco.  Even within the pickup, she reported burning eyes from the smoke.

Facing northeast, MM 374, I-20, Possum Kingdom Fire, Mingus, Texas


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