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Sentient Sounds Abounding

I have located a bioacoustical website at Ohio State University containing several thousand bird, animal and environmental sounds.  I seek permission from O.S.U. to use some of the recordings on my blog, especially the Sandhill Crane, Gunnison Sage-Grouse and the Harris’ Hawk.  Until that time, here is the link to the website: Borror Laboratory of Bioacoustics, Ohio State University.  The Borror Laboratory has Sandhill Crane sounds nesting in Michigan (I looked for New Mexico and Texas) with two chicks.   This laboratory also has domesticated sounds: canine, feline, bovine and equine.

Other acoustical links are:

Listening to Nature, Library of Natural Sounds at the Oakland Museum of California. This divides California into life-zone sounds: desert, mountains, coastal and basin.

Western Soundscape Archive, J. Willard Marriot Library, University of Utah. Among thousands of sounds, this has bison bellowing.

The Acoustic Ecology Institute website links. This was the website to which I found the above links.  This site has a construction date of 2006, and some of the links are dead.  This institute (or a branch) is located in Santa Fe, New Mexico.


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Early Morning Sounds on Flying Hat

I rise early to start the day, walking down the lane to the barn.  Before sunrise this morning at 6:45 a.m., I heard three flocks of turkeys responding to each other to the south and west of our place.  They gobbled in flock choruses, their refrains carrying far because of the cold air.  Between turkey gobbles, loud and many they were, coyotes howled and yipped.  I don’t think the coyote had a kill, but were merely howling.  Past the Dooley’s place, I heard a neighbor’s hound bay, and from the Dooley’s farmyard, a cock crowed.  Ducks on the pond quacked and I heard them on Blue’s pond to the east of us, sounding friendly to each other, not alarmed.  The sun lay below the horizon, slowly illuminating the sky, as I absorbed sounds of nature’s creatures, some wild, some not.  I finished one chore and returned to the house, waiting for the horses to turn broadside, flankside to the sun as it rose, awaiting their grain and hay.  Lilly the alpha mare will nicker when I enter the stables.


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