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Canada! Watch out for Lonespurs Shining Badger!


Lonespurs Shining Badger born April 11, 2011, Calgary, Alberta.

Sweet Hija foaled a colt, Lonespurs Shining Badger, on April 11, 2011.  Kim Elliott, the owner of Sweet Hija, has selected the paper name for the colt:  Lonespurs, the name of their ranch near Calgary where Legends of the Fall and Open Range were filmed; Shining, after the sire Shiners Lena Doc; and Badger, after the King Ranch bloodline of Sweet Hija.

Kim said that Sweet Hija was as big as Mac Truck before she foaled and that she had the foal all by herself, no problem.  That’s one of the reasons we bought Sweet Hija in 2003.  She was strong and bred for ranch work and could take care of things quickly.

I thought that all my tears had been shed about Sweet Hija, but Brenda and I gave a few more tears to the good earth when we learned of Hija and Highway 101, the barn name for the little colt named, Lonespurs Shining Badger.

Kim Elliott and her family — I talked to them on the phone — are so very proud of Hija and Highway 101 that I think (don’t know for sure) they will keep Highway 101 intact and have him sire a whole new bloodline in Canada.  We’ll see if my hunch is correct.

In any case, watch out, Canada, for this little man!

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Kim Elliott and her family operate and own Elliott Equine Transport, the premier horse transport for North America.  Highway 101, Kim told me, is the coastal highway they travel between Canada and Mexico and the place in between and a fitting name for the little colt.



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Sweet Hija to the Brazos

North Erath County, Texas, 32.43 lat., -98.36 long. Elev. 1,086 ft.  Turkey Creek Quad.

Two days ago, we took Sweet Hija to Equine Sports Medicine and Surgery on the Brazos (ESMS on Brazos) for artificial insemination to Shiners Lena Doc out of Carol Rose’s stables.

As an added feature to taking Hija to ESMS, I saw Peptoboonsmal, one of the leading quarter horses of recent years.  He is standing (residing for breeding purposes) at ESMS on Brazos.

Peptoboonsmal by Cutting Horse Chatter, April 2010, Jackson Land & Cattle Co.

I knew that Peptoboonsmal was at ESMS and when I met the reproduction manager, Kellee Clarke, I said that I remembered a red roan up at Carol Rose’s several years ago.  Did she have him?  I did not even call his name, it was just the pink guy.  Yes, Kellee said, Would you like to see him?  Of course.  This guy is becoming one of the famous sires of quarter horses of all time, coming up on Peppy San Badger, Hija’s grandsire at King Ranch.

So, Kellee, Brenda and I went back into the stallion barn to see the old boy (born 1992).  I missed him at first as we walked by and had to turn around.  Kellee opened the door to this fabulous stallion and said, He likes this.  She entered ‘Boonsmal’s stall and he stuck out his tongue to have it scratched and massaged!  Kellee said, he is a really sweet old boy.  I can see that, I replied.

I stood and watched.  Large old guy, but gentle and handsome.  All matings with Peptoboonsmal are on site.  There’s no artificial insemination from him.  He’s a valuable sire and his owner, Jackson Land & Cattle Company, Jackson Hole, Wyoming, is going to limit his exposure.  They have quite a horse.

Left off Sweet Hija.  Dr. Semira Mancill called later in the day, stating that Hija had recently come out of ovulation cycle, so they would keep her for a few days, give her an injection to start her ovulation again and then breed her.  She will be bred to Shiners Lena Doc from Carol Rose’s stables.  My other two offspring from Hija are also from Shiners Lena Doc:  Fanny and Shiney, aka Shiners Fannin Peppy and Shiners Fannin Pepto.

We should be able to pick up Sweet Hija from the Brazos ESMS by the end of the week.


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