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Prairie Sagebrush Award 2011: preview n. 1

In June 2011, I select posts and photographs from my blogosphere that I think are fine examples of creativity. As a preview of the 2011 Prairie Sagebrush Award, I am posting a photograph by Montucky from his blog, Montana Outdoors. The current focus of his blog is photography. I’ve selected his picture of a female Rufous hummingbird as an example of his three foci areas of shutterbugging — landscapes, wildlife and close-up photography of plants. In the final awards, I will probably include all of his foci areas in the listing.

I quote from his blog, Montana Outdoors:

I am privileged to live in western Montana, close to the wilderness and roadless areas that I love so much, and I’m thankful that I am still able to venture up into them and spend much of my time there.

Most of the photos that I post are of scenes that cannot be seen from from roads or highways. There is a very beautiful world out there in the wild country and it is my wish to make it visible, by words and photographs, to those who are interested in enjoying it.

It seems that many folks have all but forgotten that we are part of that natural world and that ultimately it sustains us in both body and spirit. My hope is that we will have the wisdom and the discipline to preserve it for future generations, for once the wilderness has vanished, mankind will soon vanish as well. [“About,” Montana Outdoors, Montucky.]

Female Rufous hummingbird, photograph by Montucky of Montana Outdoors, August 8, 2010.

Montana falls within Northern Rocky Mountains. The Rocky Mountain system makes up the eastern flank of the great Cordillera that extends from New Mexico to Alaska. The Northern Rocky Mountains lies from Canada into Montana as a series of parallel ranges such as the Lewis, Flathead and Selkirk mountains.


Montucky’s Montana Outdoors utilizes a full-grid reproduction of his photographs. The link for the photograph above is female Rufous hummingbird by Montucky of Montana Outdoors, August 8, 2010.

The link for last year’s award:  Prairie Sagebrush Award 2010: the full anthology with links.



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