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FB is not Facebook Down Here in Lampasas

Farm Bureau Royalty

2010 Farm Bureau Royalty of Lampasas, Texas

FB stands for Farm Bureau down here in Lampasas, Texas.

At Saturday’s annual Lampasas County Farm Bureau contests, winners were crowned (1).

[The full story will be available online after two weeks from today, unless you are a subscriber to the Lampasas Dispatch Record.]

Lampasas, Texas, and the immediate surround was the birthplace of the Southern Farmers Alliance of the late-nineteenth century, the early-southern manifestation of the Populist Party in the United States that began to regulate corporations for the public good.  The association in Lampasas, Texas, became an integral part of my family’s background and its behavior set a pattern in my family (Parks, Morris, Ward, Brazil) to abhor corporate uniformity and place the tension of liberty and the public good at the front of every public decision (2).

To be sure, Lampasas folk, young and old, know FB may stand for Facebook, but the first association is the Farm Bureau.



1. http://www.lampasasdispatchrecord.com/ for June 29, 2010.

2.  The neighboring county, San Saba, also has a record of upholding the commonweal.  Its courthouse has a rock-chiseled motto:  “From the people to the people.”  I have a chapter in my unfinished book on an incident along Rough Creek in San Saba County that resulted in a semi-violent confrontation with an absentee landlord and ranchers who closed a county road on my family’s old ranch that he had purchased.  The road was re-opened and the oilman moved on out of the county.

A correction has been made from the original post distributed:  Southern Farmers Alliance rather than Association.


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