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Southwestern farrago

San Saba Weekly News, October 9, 1891.

Within the last two months, I have collected a special farrago of items relative to the Southwest and travel south of the border.  I had thought about writing a post on each of these items, but probably will not in the near future.  I do not want these bits and pieces to go stale.  So, in this mixed bag of  items you may find something of interest.  Click on the hyperlinks for details.


Tundra Native Flies To Texas | NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth.  The Snowy Owl comes to Texas — near Dallas.  This is so rare of a sighting down here that I may drive over to the area and photograph the owl (Robertson State Park at Lake Ray Hubbard Snowy Owl sighting site location courtesy of Texas Parks and Wildlife).


In Arizona, Rare Sightings Of Ocelots and Jaguars – NYTimes.com.  The New York Times relates to Arizona.  But, two years ago near Abilene, Texas, three sober people sighted what was thought to be a jaguar.  The Texas Parks and Wildlife agency did not confirm the sighting along a brushy ridge line that extended for miles running east and west.  Given the craziness of some hunters, I have not given the story publicity and I do not intend to pinpoint the location.


How safe is Mexico for tourists? – World – CBC News.  This writer has experience in Mexico and his website seems worthwhile.  This is a valuable article for those of you seeking to take your Spring break in Mexico.  Combined with the State Department’s guidelines and warnings linked below, avoid some places and enjoy safely other areas.


Mexico.  U.S. Department of State Travel Warning to Mexico.  The State Department updates these warnings regularly.


BBC – Travel – A German enclave in central Texas : Cultural Activities, Texas.  This is about Fredericksburg, one of my favorite towns in Texas.  I went to Fredericksburg as a boy, before it became touristy.  It still has the old-town feeling.  This was written for the British Broadcasting Company.


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Backlog Unclogged: A List of Worthy Links About Nature

Here are some links to articles about various topics that I have in my backlog.  Some of these I want to write a post about, but since I think they are of value, I wanted to get the links out to you before I wrote.

40 bloggers who really count – Times Online.  The London Times selects forty bloggers worthy of note.  Divided into categories, i.e., green, nature, feminism, politics, etc.

Costa Rica Learn Jaguars Need a Smooth Commute – NYTimes.com.  Costa Rica habitat preservationists are working to provide migrating corridors for the jaguars.

Worldchanging: Bright Green: Koyaanisqatsi Revisited A reflection on the film and its lasting affect.

I have come across the Borror Laboratory of Bioacoustics, Ohio State University.

Here are the sounds of a Sandhill Crane and two chicks about the nest in Michigan.

Sandhill Crane on nest.

Enjoy the sound.  I will be getting authorization to use the sound database more fully in my blog.

From The Atlas of Global Conservation – The Washington Post.  This is a tremendous map resource for reference.

The Daily Scrapbook.  All things related to scrapbooking.  Illustrates old scrapbooks from early twentieth-century forward.  Lots of photos.

Getting Used to It – Cooks Illustrated.  Christopher Kimball writes an essay with each publication.  This is one of his best.

Is There an Ecological Unconscious? – NYTimes.com.

New Finding Puts Origins of Dogs in Middle East – NYTimes.com.

Divide and Diminish – Opinionator Blog – NYTimes.com.

2010 Report: Climate Change — Grasslands.

Climate Change Threatens Migratory Birds, Report Says – NYTimes.com.

The Sleeping Giant.  A Montana blogger.

Bioregional Animism.

MSU News Service – Management of cheatgrass on Conservation Reserve Program lands.

Condor Lays Egg in National Park – NYTimes.com.

A Deal to Save the Everglades Could Rescue U.S. Sugar Instead – NYTimes.com.


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