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Sage Dancing in New Mexico

A Break on Plaza of Santa Fe, Summer 2009

A break.  This young lady has been pedaling touristas about the plaza in Santa Fe.  Her sign campaigns the La Plazuela in the La Fonda Hotel.  She is resting in front of the Ore House and Ortega’s.

The spring has been front of us for the last few weeks over here in Texas, and now we are turning our attention to the Land of Enchantment, New Mexico, for the summer.  I know that snow has fallen in northern New Mexico this last week from the posts and tweets of Coffeeonthemesa, Taos Sunflower and Stark Raving Zen.  Hold fast!  Change is coming!  There exists in the near future a glorious, desert spring for you.  It’s very hard to replicate anywhere else in the world that ability to go out on the land and gently crush the leaves of sage, inhaling the pungent air it perfumes, spurring memories of ancient things, deep-thinking wellsprings of wisdom and rhythm beats of feet upon the ground–sage dancing.  Only in New Mexico.

The young lady in the photograph rests, barefoot on the Santa Fe plaza, content in her respite from toil.  Sage dancing, me thinks, be in her future.


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