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Snow as Fertilizer

Snowfall at Flying Hat Ranch February 11, 2010 (Click to enlarge)

I did not know until today and I think it true.  Snow and hail capture more nitrogen in flake and stone than raindrop.  Grass and crop grow intensely after snow and hail.  Heavy hailstorms on bayous and ponds deplete oxygen.  Fish die.  This was told to me by a rancher from Coleman County, Texas, whose family has husbanded cattle and horses for five generations (130 years) on the Upper Colorado River watershed.  Snow and hail with more (bonded?) nitrogen are nature’s fertilizers.

South of Cisco, Texas, another rancher confirms the observation that snow or hail are fertilizers:  Oh, it’s a fact.  We will have good spring grass with this snow, but I don’t know what the summer will bring as we will have to wait and see.


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