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Luminaria Christmas



Lights wrapped around tree with mobile art piece.


Rios Woodyard luminaria.

Christmas in Santa Fe includes the traditional farolito stroll after dark along Canyon Road, the artistic thoroughfare that delights the eye.  The luminaria is the wood fire.  Farolitos are candles within paper sacks that light up the edges of sidewalks and walls along Canyon Road.  For up-to-date information, consult the Santa Fe New Mexican newspaper’s Christmas Day edition.

New Mexican Christmas celebrations rival Italy and Germany.  Alessio Franceschetti, a very good friend of mine, sent me a montage of Christmas scenes in Italy.  Do look at it:  Natale in Italia 2010.  This montage is moving and beautiful.  Thank you, Alessio.



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A good day with Vouvray

Lilly was at the gate with Star, waiting for their grain and hay.  They will go into the pastures, loafing and browsing, visiting their neighbors across the road.  She is having a good day.

The dogs have settled on their pallets in the living room, catching the sun’s rays through the windows.

We shall have a good lunch today in Fort Worth and a bottle of Vouvray or Bordeaux, depending upon our entree.  We will talk of our Thanksgiving plans, most likely traveling to Fredericksburg, seeing Christmas lights as only that city can do it.

Fredericksburg, Texas

Here on the Wesleyan campus, the church bells ring the hour and play music for a few minutes, arousing the students from their Saturday morning sleep.  It is noon and I will walk to the Science Hall where Brenda is advising young men and women to coursework and bright futures.

It is a fine, fine day.



Fredericksburg, Texas, photograph by:



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