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Forthcoming posts


I am not fond of making lists, but I made one today on the posts I want to compose.


I have some posts I want to write, and, once my paperwork has been turned in to Cisco College and Texas Wesleyan University, I want to write something about:

Henry Clay and his fantastic ability to dance.

A newly-discovered playful aspect of Lottie (snow-plowing schnauzer).

Lilly, the oldest mare on our place, and her insistence on opening gates that are closed.

The lone coyote that yips over by the Dooley pond.

My rescue of a roadrunner from drowning last summer.

The reconstruction of the Chimayo restaurant with the help of its staff and contractors following their disastrous fire.

Paying for damages for breaking crockery in the morning and writing letters of apology.

But, for now, I must complete my tasks for concluding the semester.


Lottie the snow-plowing schnauzer.



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