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No News on Bald-Face Lie

I’m sorry to report that no news has surfaced in public newspapers this last week about the shooting of the filly, Bald-Face Lie.  The Parker County Sheriff’s Department is  taking this case very seriously, says one person who has knowledge of the case.


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A Finer Justice

Intemperate bulldozers stand by,
Idling, low rumbling rhythm,
As a finer justice falls into place.
One lonely soul, lost in fitful sleep,
Hears soft, distant whinny
Slowly moving closer, ever closer
White velvet face of the beautiful Bald-Face Lie
Rises up through fog of despair,
Breathing, breathing,
Warm, moist nostrils
Breathing loose the mask of reason,
Reminding, reminding,
Life is better-lived with blood-free hands
And a quiet mind.
(Teresa Evangeline, “A Finer Justice”)

(Bald-Face Lie, a seven-month-old filly of 72 Ranch near Weatherford, Texas, was shot by an unknown person on January 24, 2010, near the fence line on Fox Road.

Teresa Evangeline has a blog.  Its link is Teresa Evangeline. She lives and writes in Minnesota, USA.)


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Post Haste Update on Bald-Face Lie

There is no news to report on the killing of the cutting-horse filly, Bald-Face Lie.  I have searched local newspapers and have listed three links on the original post from the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

January 25, 2010, Horse Found Slain in Pasture

January 26, 2010, Cutting Horse Bald-Face Lie

February 1, 2010, Community Posts Reward for Killer of Bald-Face Lie

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Post Haste Bald-Face Lie

Bald-Face Lie 2009-2010

A seven-month-old filly named Bald-Face Lie was found dead last Sunday, shot between the eyes at close-range.  A horse trainer and ranch hand to the 72 Ranch near Weatherford, Texas, found Bald-Face Lie near the fence where as a friendly horse she would loaf with several other fillies.  The high sheriff of Parker County, Larry Fowler, said We are going to find out who did this.  We are just numb, grieved the owner, Kris Larsen.  I was with the mare when this baby was born and I weaned her and halter-broke her.  The reward for the killer is now close to $10,000 and he should have the good sense to turn himself in before he is found out.  Bulldozers gouge the earth intemperately and sometimes to a higher purpose.

I know  the 72 Ranch where Bald-Face Lie resided.  Several miles north of the 72 Ranch, Duncan Steele-Park trains horses, including our horse, Fanny.  Cattle drives from south Texas in the nineteenth century passed through Parker County on the trail to Dodge City, Abilene, even to greener pastures in the high mountains of New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming.

72 Ranch mourns.  The trainer slips halters on fillies and colts today and he will tomorrow and the next.  The horror of Bald-Face Lie’s death settles respectfully beneath the pain of a world that is out of balance for human and horse alike.  We will shrug and go on to the next watering hole that used to be called an oasis.

Newspaper article link: Community Offers Reward, February 1, 2010.

Newspaper article link: Prized Filly Valued at $20,000.00, January 26, 2010.

Newspaper article link: Cutting Horse Found Slain in Parker County Pasture, January 25, 2010.


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