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Field Log 3/15/2010

North Erath County, Texas, 32.43 lat., -98.36 long. Elev. 1,086 ft.  Turkey Creek Quad.

Cooler today than expected, lower 50s F. most of day.  Partly cloudy.

Re-checked horses for nicks, scratches and punctures.  None found.

Moved hay bin in arena for easier access by tractor and pickup.  Shiney the colt thinks it’s play.  Gallops around and rears up several times, challenging the black hay bin and noise.  Brenda climbs over arena fence to assist, adding to his fun and excitement.

Edited sale information for Shiney.  Gave a copy to Cooper’s Feed-store in Stephenville.  Amber looked carefully at the flyer and said, “Beautiful.”  Bought three (3) alfalfa, two (2) coastal bermuda, one sack of Senior feed for Lilly and one Country Times cat feed for barn.  Hay consumption is down with spring grass.  Linsey, manager, gone for lunch.  No sales tax for feed for barn cats, Bubbles and Paint.

One Barn Swallow (Hirundo rustica) sighted on front fence.

Composed operational instructions for caretaker, Jeannie Chisolm, while on trip to Fredericksburg, Texas, March 16-17.

Lilly has taken up a new habit.  Without halter, she walks to her stall through the alleyway from the corral, avoiding up-and-downs of terrain.  She waits for me to open the gate to the alleyway, then slowly brings her twenty-five-year-old body down the alleyway, pausing at her stall door, then turning into the stall, exhaling loudly.  I make sure that in her grain, she has her arthritis medicine, Active-X, the powder with ground yucca.  (Note: I took my flex medicine this morning.  Correlate man and horse in article.)

Worked with Shiney on ground manners: grooming, full-body touching with hands, approaches on flanks, lead rope, halter.  Has habit of wanting lead rope or halter in his mouth when I first approach.  Nervous habit deflects tension?

Unloaded hay and feed.  Barn cats, Bubbles and Paint, not amused that I took away their scanning area on the hay in the pickup.


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