Bend, Texas Arroyo

Bend, Texas Arroyo

If you choose, you may follow this arroyo for a tenth-of-a-mile down to the Colorado River at Bend, Texas. The above photo was taken in early spring, this year.

When I was ten or eleven-years old, I built two fragile, but sturdy, bridges across the arroyo. They have long since collapsed from my “construction” in the 1950s. Seventy-plus years ago. There’s neither sign of them, nor of the water pump and pipeline used to bring water from the Colorado up to my grandmother’s house in Bend. The water filled a 500-gallon tank that often overflowed when I failed to turn the pump off at night. The house my grandmother stayed in was the Southwestern States Telephone house, holding the switchboard for Bend and surrounding area. Effie Morris Parks was my grandmother’s name, and she had been born and reared in the Bend community.

Effie drove to San Saba every couple of weeks for supplies, and I maintained the switchboard for customers to reach one another and the outside world.

This early spring of 2022, my wife and I drove to Bend, and I gave her a memory tour of Bend. The switchboard has been removed, the telephone lines coiled up, the poles cut down. My little bridges are gone as well. But there’s cell service and a new bridge across the Colorado.

I have memories I’ll turn into stories from the Bend, Texas Arroyo and the spirit of those days will be reconstituted with a “bridge” to my past.


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12 responses to “Bend, Texas Arroyo

  1. Delightful, Jack. I’m looking forward to more stories from around the Bend. 😉


    Liked the stuttering about Effie Mae. She was our friend and telephone operator and probably kin to us. We visited her and us kids were amazed at all the lights on the switchboard. Old house is still there last time I drove down that street

    • Yes, most likely you are kin. Effie’s husband, J.W. Parks was the son of Bobbie Millican Parks (his father Tom Parks). Effie and J.W. had two children, Gywn and Buster. Gywn is my mother. Effie’s maiden name was Morris. So, we’re probably kin as well. Many of my kinsmen are buried at Bend Sand Cemetery, like Effie and J.W.

  3. I’ll be looking forward to those stories from Bend. I didn’t know where it was located, but I see by the map it’s very near a state park I’ve had on my “to be visited” list — Colorado Bend. If I ever make it there, I’ll be sure to visit Bend, and think of you.

    • I hope you can visit the Colorado Bend Park. The frigid cold spring that produces the Gorman Falls reduces the temperature under the trees by ten-plus degrees. Bend is a small village. five miles away from the falls. I hope all is well with you, and the summer is not too hot. I look forward to your writing, Linda.

  4. Erin

    One of the only memories I have of the area happened about six years ago. I took my four children on a trail down to the river. I was alone with them, which in hindsight wasn’t smart, and when we had hiked about a mile and half, I fell and broke my ankle. We were in a fairly rocky area, so the hike back up, four littles- two on either side of me- took about four hours. It was a beautiful but painful journey, and we all learned some valuable lessons that day.

  5. Jeff Morris

    Jeff Morris, my email address is I am not on face book but my wife does. My cell phone is (817) 905-3450. Maybe we could catch one of these days.

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