Late, Damp Fall Day at the Field

Light rain has fallen in the field. Late fall temperature is 53 degrees, the grass remains green, but most of the pasture has gone into dormancy.  The pecan tree has shed leaves and pecans.

I like the lane shown in the photograph above. Going east on the lane I leave the field, but coming towards me with the camera, I leave behind the traffic on the state highway and enter a different world of green lanes and a tractor that needs its engine turned over.


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4 responses to “Late, Damp Fall Day at the Field

  1. What a fine tree that is! I like the way the rain has enhanced the greens and browns, too. I love the beauty of snow, but honestly? There’s much to admire here without it, and life certainly is easier. Apparently we have our first blue norther reaching the coast tomorrow night — you must be right chilly up there!

    • The greens are quite striking with the brown of the pasture. In the post, I wrote it was 53 degrees, but when I left an hour later the temperature was 43. Yes, quite chilly. Thank you for your comment.

  2. Anonymous

    The post is inspiring and has not only the look of art but also tells a story. Thanks for the update and have a blessed and merry holiday season.

  3. Weather in Texas is so much different than our weather in New England but especially in winter. Loved seeing the field!

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