High Country Merry Christmas 

img_0723I send you Merry Christmas greetings from Taos, New Mexico, where I am visiting my family.

Snow falls today and Taos Mountain is obscured, yet clouds dash past and the peak emerges in sunlight.

I drove about this morning and Mass was being said at Ranchos de Taos and Old Martina’s Hall beckoned me to come in and warm myself, in time, at the bar again.  I will go again.

Aspens grow high next door.

I split wood and keep the fire burning.  This period of time, December 10 through January 20, is The Time for Staying Still, according to Taos Indian ceremonialism.  Letting the earth renew itself is The Purpose, the reason for staying still.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.  Renew yourself.



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3 responses to “High Country Merry Christmas 

  1. Merry Christmas to you, Jack. I was most interested to hear of Taos Indians’ “Time for Staying Still.” I’ve always loved this time of year, and one reason Advent’s so important to me is that it’s a time to become empty and quiet while waiting for Christmas. Lying fallow — it’s important for fields of every sort.

    Best wishes for the New Year, too!

  2. Elaine Lee

    Happy New Year to you. My time here is growing shorter and seems to be passing very quickly. Sydni was hired as my replacement, and I have already completed and turned in my application for Texas Master Gardener classes for 2016. Only 20 are chosen, but I am hoping I count in that number. Sydni is doing well, my retirement papers lack only notarization from HR, and we are already discussing a trip to AZ during the spring. I have found that renewal comes in many different ways…

    Many blessings for 2016. Elaine

  3. Happy New Year Jack! Taos is beautiful this time of year. Hoping all is good with you!

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