Spring at Flying Hat: The Constant and the Transient

   It is spring at my place, Flying Hat Ranch or Ranchito, and I am not sad, even though it is said, “April is the cruelest month.”  I understand the sadness and lament, but yesterday I took several photographs of the constant and the transient forms on Flying Hat.

The constants are the live oaks and yucca.  You see them, they seem always present, but the blossoms of plants erupt, then fade out.  They are the “transients.”

Yet, as the blossoms drop off, transient as they are, I know their roots and stems remain.  That is constant, and given another year about this earth, I will see them again.

Transient, though I may be.



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4 responses to “Spring at Flying Hat: The Constant and the Transient

  1. So nice to see your post, Jack, and the new life that’s blooming and thriving around your ranch. Upcoming cataract surgery has moved me from contact lenses to glasses, and I’m not in any position just now to enjoy seeing wildflowers in the wild, so it’s a delight to see postings from here and there as spring progresses. I guess this will be my year to enjoy the summer wildflowers!

    I hope all’s well in your world, and that the season brings you great pleasures.

    • Linda: I had cataract surgery in February. Very good results. Still doing adjustments with my near vision and really glad I had it done. So much better, so much brightness now. I had seen as if through a dust storm; now, it is so clear. Yes, you will see wildflowers as never before! Well, at least not since you were in your 20s.

      • Oh, that’s so good to know. I’ve been told the surgery’s common, but I just haven’t known many people who’ve had it. (I may be surrounded, but unaware.) At least now I know why the lights in my house have seemed to dim over time. 🙂

      • Linda: Yes, I was also told the surgery common and that the results were quite remarkable, even fantastic. I really would not wait one second before I had the surgery. The lights before were yellow, dim, and dusty. Now, I see white like I did when I was younger. My surgeon was Dr. Nethery of Fort Worth. I know that have good surgeons down there where you are. I really never thought it would be so much of a change with the surgery. But, it was; I am astonished.

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