‘Hanna Ranch’ Wrangles With Environmental Issues

Currently, I am wrestling with water restrictions imposed by Barton Water Cooperative. My area is in a drought. Yet, so, I have green grass in all my fields for I have not allowed over-grazing by neither horses nor cattle.

Kirk Hanna sought to employ a holistic environmental approach to cattle ranching. His struggles are detailed in this documentary, “Hanna Ranch.” See also the link within the article to the Holistic Resource Management site, originating on the savannas of Africa.

“This Colorado cattle rancher — a featured personality in Eric Schlosser’s 2001 best seller “Fast Food Nation” — was a forward-thinking cowboy who embraced Holistic Resource Management, a fruitful approach that, among other things, encourages herding methods less stressful to cattle and a more frequent rotation of livestock through pastures. Mr. Hanna used earth-friendly natural fertilizer; to attack weeds, he employed hungry goats.”

See more on the New York Times link.

‘Hanna Ranch’ Wrangles With Environmental Issues – NYTimes.com.

A scene from

Kirk Hanna


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6 responses to “‘Hanna Ranch’ Wrangles With Environmental Issues

  1. Great to have your perspective and report and the link to the article. Education about how successful these alternatives are is crucial – and you are providing it! Permaculture, would you call it that?

  2. One of the most interesting things I learned on my trip to the Flint Hills last fall was about the interdependence of the prairies and the bison. As much as bringing back the prairies gave the bison nutrient-rich browse, the presence of bison are helping the prairies regain their health.

    Clearly, the same relationship exists between cattle and pasturelands. I know very little about it myself, technically, but it makes me happy to know that smart people who can make a difference are dedicating themselves to making that difference.

  3. Donnie RENO

    Interesting, hope all is well out your way.

  4. Anonymous

    hope rain is on the way and not a deluge but a long steady rain that over the course of several days helps the drought

  5. Doing all we can to preserve any natural resource, whether it is water, woods, or meadow is an absolute responsibility that should be exercised by any good farmer or rancher. I admire that you still have green fields through the simple practice of being conservative with how you use your fields. There should be more ranchers like you my friend. I admire your convictions.

  6. wendymneedham@gmail.com

    Happy 73, you need to post more on your blog. Love you, Dad!

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