Sage blossom and sky noir


A mid-morning rain fell on the place. The air is cool, almost cold, and the sky has not cleared and probably will not this day. This photograph shows a break in the clouds towards the south, the town of Stephenville, lying about nineteen miles away. My mother came to Stephenville–I tagged along–and bought plants at Wolfe Nursery. The nursery had a large sign of a wolf that signaled the entry to the nursery that encompassed acres and acres of tended trees and several hothouses.


The rain caused an eruption of this blossom upon the sage near the house.

Fall has come to the place, the farm, the ranchito, the people of Sims Valley, and all the wildlife abounding.



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9 responses to “Sage blossom and sky noir

  1. A lovely look at your life. Autumn is here … love your title … good to see a post, Jack.

  2. For once I’m north of you – in Ft. Smith, AK. Traveling to see family in KCMO, and then – Council Grove, Kansas, the tallgrass prairie, Dodge City, the Cimarron cut-off… All depending on weather, but I’m tracking the Santa Fe trail as far as I can before I run out of money or the snow comes!

    Today, I went to the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in Bentonville. It truly was wonderful. If you ever get a chance you should see it. The grounds, with an emphasis on native plants, the architecture and the art are three parts of a wonderful whole.

    My favorite experience? Listening to a museum guide talking with three fellows with Belt Buckles and down hunting vests about the Jackson-Pollack-like painting in front of them.

    And get this – scattered around the museum are wonderful sitting rooms with piles of books about art and artists. If you find something intriguing, you can find a relevant book and sit down and learn a bit more – right there!

    The museum really does make good American art accessible. I’ll be going back.

  3. A beautiful blossom on that sage and a blessing to the earth with the rain. So good to hear news from the ranchito.

  4. Your part of the world is so much different than mine. Autumn does bring change in most parts though. We’re getting into the middle 20’s a night later this week with highs around 40. Looks like a quick transition this year (though we had spectacular Fall colors) into cold weather, but who knows, given climate change it might just turn around and warm up again.

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