Sunlight in stalls

As I finished throwing hay to Star, I saw this sunlight in stalls and thought it artful.



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8 responses to “Sunlight in stalls

  1. It definitely is nice. I love watching the light patterns change as the sun moves through the sky. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  2. Hi Jack, a lovely shot. I’d sure like to see a photo of Star in there! I’ve been reading ‘Horse & Rider’ magazine as part of a permanent (I hope) new words assignment for OUP, and have come to understand how precious compassionate horse owners are. The magazine both delights and makes me cry, and I’ve learned so much about how intuitive horses really are.

    Are you still teaching? Take care,

  3. Anonymous

    light filter
    through Star’s stall
    artful sun

  4. Light and shadows are intriguing, aren’t they? Reminds me of light filtering through tree branches in the forest. I like the way the light and shadows dance against the background.

  5. The way it’s shimmering off the grass gives it a frostlike appearance. Combined with those long shadows, it’s a reminder that the sun is sinking lower in the sky, and autumn’s coming. It’s a welcome thought, especially since the state has rain on the horizon, too.

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