Prickly pear fruit

There is a super-abundance of prickly pear fruit this year. I have never seen the eruption of fruit like this year. I buy an Italian sweet soda made of prickly pear. ‘Tis the season! It is 102F in field at 7:04 p.m.




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16 responses to “Prickly pear fruit

  1. I am going to look for that Italian soda! Sounds refreshing!

  2. Beautiful, vibrant pink picture Jack! Thank you for sharing. The soda is delicious on a hot day!

  3. Gorgeous photos, and you’re right. I’ve never seen such abundance of the fruits. I’m interested in the soda – I’ve never had it. There’s an HEB closeby, so I can broaden my horizons a little!

  4. Elaine Lee

    Just returned from the mountains of Southern Colorado and Northern New Mexico. They are continuing to have wonderful rains there. Everything is so green and there is so much water flowing in the streams, canals, rivers and some arroyos. The summer monsoons have brought once-dead natural springs to life again. An ag teacher in my Sunday School class once told me, “It always rains, but not necessarily in the time period we want, nor in the amount we think we need.” So true, but difficult to watch when none-to-little of what we term “beneficial rain” is received.

    Bonterra Blu, a wonderful restaurant formerly in Clyde, TX, served prickly pear lemonade. Oh my, what a treat! However, they have closed the restaurant, stopped the Tru Blu catering business, and parked their Gypsy Blu Food Circus food truck in order to move to Colorado. My family and I returned to “life as usual” and they have moved on to “greener pastures,” literally speaking.

    But, I continue to remind myself that “it always rains.”

    • Elaine:

      Oh, yes, I have heard the same saying. I enjoyed the rain up in the New Mexico mountains a few weeks ago! Temperatures fell when the storms came. So, the food truck moved to Colorado? Don’t blame them. Yes, we must come back to Clyde and Mingus, hoping for rain.

      Thank you for your comments, Elaine. I hope all is well up on Union Hill.

  5. Soda made from prickly pear? I’ll bet it sticks with you!

  6. Last time I visited San Antonio, NM I picked up some prickly pear cactus jelly with red chilies. Tasty stuff. It’s made locally by A & J Family Farms. I think folks can order online through their website ( if they are interested in tasting prickly pear products. I’ve never tasted the soda but will look for it when I go down to NM in November.

    Good to hear from you!

  7. Sandra

    How do the foxes or coyotes get the fruit off of the prickly pear cactus with all of the spines? Do they wait for fruit to fall to ground? Are they able to get it without touching the spines because the fruit is low hanging? Do you have any usable pictures of foxes or coyotes eating fruit from the cactus? If you do have pics, could I access them and have permission to use them? thank you for any assistance you can provide.

    • Sandra, I don’t have pictures of animals eating the fruit. The fruit does not have the large spines of the paddles, so perhaps, if they consume them, the animals will have to eat around the needles. Interesting question.

  8. I just returned to Texas after a long absence and was surprised by the abundance of tunas. I’m glad it isn’t just me thinking that. Now I need to find some nice ripe ones…

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