George Catlin, Prairie Meadows Burning (1832)

George Catlin (1796-1872), Prairie Meadows Burning, 1832, 11 x 14.13 in., Smithsonian

Lately, some of my blogger friends have had fires break out near their cabins, farms and ranches.  George Catlin (1796-1872) in Prairie Meadows Burning (1832), portrays the flight of people on horseback from fire.

Three days ago, fire erupted thirty miles to the north of my place, near Possum Kingdom Lake.  It has been mostly put under control at this time.

(See another post of mine about George Catlin:  ‘The Day I Saw the George Catlins.’)


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12 responses to “George Catlin, Prairie Meadows Burning (1832)

  1. I left a comment on your new art blog. What a wonderful post and a great idea for a blog. I hope the fire is under control and that’s the end of That! I recall last year and all the terrible days spent on high alert. May you have a peaceful and calm fire-free Sunday. No burning bushes! 🙂

  2. This is quite wonderful. Catlin’s been getting a good bit of exposure of late because of the white buffalo calves – people apparently are searching for representations of buffalo for their posts, and finding his work. I’ve seen it in a half-dozen blogs, used by people who generally don’t care a lick about the West, etc.

    Sorry to hear about the fires. I didn’t realize you’d had some your direction. The last time I looked at the fire map they were more to the east, but that’s been some days ago. I had hopes Ernesto would throw a little rain our way, but it tooks like we’ll have to wait.

    • Yes, he seems now current with the white buffalo pic. I thought we would get some rain with Ernesto, but no. The fires came up only a few days ago near the area where they started last year. I do notice that the early mornings are starting to get cooler.

  3. I hadn’t read your previous post on Catlin, but will – as he is someone who captivates me as well as my dad. I really like the moments he chose to portray, like this one. Thirty miles north of you is close enough to think about emergency plans. Fire now rules the summertime – a woman from our east mountains commented yesterday that she hasn’t gone anywhere in the summertime for a few years. Thanks for sharing this great image.

  4. Wow. I’m sad to hear about the fires, as always, but that is really a unique, gorgeous painting.

  5. Kittie Howard

    Friends in the Dallas area didn’t believe in global warming until this summer. Now they’re in a state of panic about what to do (as long as the other guy makes the lifestyle changes). I hope the ski season in Taos doesn’t go the way of New England. It used to be, kids, as in, when my hub was a kid, kids hit the slopes Christmas Day. Forget that. Also forget about snow on the Alps. Just came from there. Nary a winter flake to be found anywhere.

    • Global warming occurs whether the flat-earthers believe it or not. I did read that the Taos ski season is a bit nervous. So sorry about the Alps. Good to hear from you, Kittie.

  6. A wonderful painting Jack. So alive! I love your choice for this!

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