Rare the white buffalo

On the highway to Lubbock from Hermleigh, Texas, there is a byway that goes west to a marker for the white buffalo.  I have visited it once, but I do not see any markers these days to the monument of the white buffalo.  The monument may not be standing anymore since vandals have besmirched much of the statues and markers here in west Texas.

That being written, in Connecticut, a white buffalo has been born.  One in ten million the odds.  See the article in The New York Times:  White Buffalo,


Good, let us now praise a beautiful calf, and if it is born in Connecticut, so much the better.



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14 responses to “Rare the white buffalo

  1. I’m so glad to see a new post from you. And what a good post it is. I just happen to have a photo of a white buffalo, lying among other buffalo, as my current screensaver. A fellow blogger, Steve, at Out on the Prairie, took it.

    I also found it interesting that so many of them have been killed by lightning strikes. Perhaps they are out grazing and are easy targets for lightning, but it seems to be the cause of death quite often.

    It’s hard to imagine why someone would kill a calf, butcher and skin it. Ethical behavior seems to be in short supply on so many levels of life.

    I hope you’re having a good summer.

    • I know, why would anyone kill a calf like that? Stupid people and so cruel. My summer is going well. Been to Santa Fe a few days which was good to get away from the chores, etc., here. I see that the hotter temperatures have made their way in your direction. Hopefully they stopped before that got to Lonewolf.

  2. Really great post Jack. I had not heard about this. Hopefully this little guy will grow strong and have a long life.

    Hopefully the heat has not been unbearable where you are. I know the southwest is suffering from some pretty unreal temperatures lately.

    • The heat has been bearable, but my habit pattern is to stop working at about 10:30. I hope the little guy will have a long life. They are worthy of sustaining, are they not?

  3. I’m so glad to see this post. I really was upset when the Hunt County calf was killed. This one surely will be cared for and protected – at least to the best ability of those who received it.

    I hope you’ve had some of the rain that’s been roaming around. Over the course of the past week, we’ve had five inches. It seems this is the midwest’s summer for drought – so far, so good down here.

  4. Cool how they are wanting to designate Buffalo as National Mammal. Thanks for pointing me here. I remember a white Buffalo was born around the time of our daughter’s birth, if I remember right (1994).

    I wonder what other mammals would be considered? Prairie Dogs are also revered by some Natives. Buffalo are native to our continent, methinks.

  5. I hope all the best for that little white buffalo.
    Grethe ´)

  6. White buffalos are good medicine. Many of the plains Native Americans revered their existence. Only fools would harm such a mystical animal.

  7. I am glad that I got to see a herd of white buffalo and was be able to photograph them up close, it was such an experience. It is a shame that people would want to harm these sacared animals.
    Here is a link to a photo that I took of them. evangelineartphotography.wordpress.com/…/sacred-white-buffalo/

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