Star with water

Star with water sprinkler in Broke Tree Corral (June 28, 2012)

Hot weather pervades my place, but it also falls across so many regions this summer.  Colorado suffers this season with wildfires close to Colorado Springs.

My gelding, Star, sweats in temperatures during the day that come in at 100, 102, 108 deg.  Rains have fallen this spring so there is green and wildfires are negligible.  But, Star got water spray today.  After an hour of his nuzzling the spray and standing over the water, I shut it off.

His hooves were trimmed yesterday and like cutting our fingernails close to the quick, he was stiff today in walking to the hay bin, so, I turned the sprinkler on to cool him and to soften the earth upon which he walks.  My water comes from a water cooperative, the Barton Creek Cooperative.  I’ll spend a few more dollars this summer and turn the sprinkler on for Star.


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10 responses to “Star with water

  1. Lovely, Jack. Star is a fortunate horse. We’re baking hot and dry here in St. Louis, too. 110 today and unusually low humidity for our region. I think I’ll nuzzle the sprinkler myself tomorrow.

  2. Oh, we loved the sprinklers, too. We had the “old style” – the four-armed things that spun around and made a very satisfying “shhh…shhh….shh…”
    I’m happy for Star – all creatures love water, and it can improve life considerably when it gets so hot.

    Yesterday I saw some behavior I’ve never seen before and don’t think I’ll ever see again. We had a short shower, and at the end of on of the covered parking spots there was a good-sized puddle. Four birds were there – a mockingbird, a blue jay and two sparrows. Each of them bathed in the puddle – but they took turns! First a sparrow, then the mockingbird, then the blue jay and the last sparrow. Too bad more city dwellers can’t cooperate like city birds!

  3. I hope you get a break from that heat soon, Jack. I think I’d be out there in the sprinkler with Star.

  4. Star deserves a good shower! And for a few extra dollars who cares! I love to hear about your relationship with this terrific friend that you have. Don’t worry, I won’t steal him!

  5. I love that horse, Star. It is so lovely.

    Jack, I have discovered that I’ve made an error before I went on vacation.
    I did remove one of the bloggers from where I received posts in worldpress just before I went, and I can see now that I don’t recive your posts anymore, so I must have made something wrong! I would certainly love to keep on getting your posts!

    Best wishes
    Grethe ´)

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