Well, I declare!




Well, I declare!

I open the valve on the far-field water trough and I nonchalantly look around the ground, thinking, There are no new wildflowers about.

I am wrong.  I see three new wild flowers.

Well, I declare, my Aunt Lennie used to say.


Notes, corrections and additions:

Mandala56 posted this comment: ‘What’s that blue one called? When I was a kid we called it “elephant’s ears”.’  I replied that I did not know — yet.  I was in the field when I published the post.


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8 responses to “Well, I declare!

  1. Rubia

    What a nice surprise Jack! The third flower must be morning glory or something of the same family. How is your Big Blue Stem doing lately?

  2. Great photos! You show enough of the rest of the plant and its surroundings to allow those of us not just a step behind you to appreciate the whole plant. What a graceful curve around the blossom on the last one. A wide diversity on your land. Plants can be such fulfilling companions.

  3. I have the same blue flower growing wild around my apartment complex – mostly out of the decorative rock walls. I think it might be a kind of spiderwort – not certain about that at all. And the morning-glory-ish one might be bindweed, or false morning glory. I need to buy a book!

    On another topic entirely – I think you’ll enjoy seeing these photos of a PINK cattle egret! I’ve never heard of such, let alone seen one, but apparently they do exist as a genetic mutation. It’s one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen.

    • I saw the Pink cattle egret. Loved your comment about a poor salon creation. Never seen a pink one. The white ones are so beautiful when they fly over the pasture in formation.

  4. Thanks, Linda. Oh, yes, buy a book. I’ll look at the Pink cattle egret. We have the white ones, but pink? Wow!

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