Wine Cup

Wine Cup (Poppy Mallow)

4 responses to “Wine Cup

  1. Elaine Lee

    I’m certain you are correct about wine cup not being present last year in your location. This year, and never before, I saw wine cup growing along the highway edge in the Interstate 20 median. They were growing just west of Putnam, TX and stretched for probably 200 or 300 hundred yards. Of all Texas wildflowers, I have heard they are the most difficult to become established. I don’t know if grassfire in the median caused the heat to break their seed covering or ground heat from the drought, but whatever it was, it created a very nice showing this Spring. In years past I have seen them along the Interstate 20 frontage road not far from my sister’s house in Dallas, but never in this area. However, I hope they are here to stay since they add another color dimension to the Spring landscape. Thanks for your photography, Jack.

    • Elaine, thank you so much for your comment. It means a lot to me because you are an observer of wildflowers like me and can remember from year to year their placement or absence. I should like to know where west of Putnam they grew on the Interstate. I will look when I go by after daybreak on Wednesday. Tomorrow I go by Putnam in the dark to get to Abilene. After your comment, I am glad to have found them again in the clearing, now named Wine Cup Clearing on my ranchito. I hope they are here to stay as well as your comments on my blog. Thanks, Elaine.

  2. Elaine Lee

    The Putnam vicinity Wine Cups I saw growing were probably a half mile west of the overpass located in the heart of the little village. Additionally, I spotted about four areas west of Putnam that had bright, neon orange flowers I had never seen before. I have no idea what they were, and on one trip through the area my Mom was present with me in the car. She, too, had never seen the particular neon orange wildflower. I hope it returns next year because I will exit in Putnam and drive slowly west on the frontage road in order to stop and look at the areas closely. Since I have what my daughter terms an “old school phone” I will have to take my camera with me!

    • I have seen the same neon orange flower, just this afternoon, but it was closer to Ranger Hill, but brilliant orange. Yes, take your camera! I would love for you to send some pics of the flowers, Elaine. I am going to look up the orange flower right now!

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