Wild Honeysuckle

12. Wild Honeysuckle, Bee Blossom (Gaura suffulta), April 2012.

2 responses to “Wild Honeysuckle

  1. Rubia

    Jack, I do believe I have seen this plant growing in great numbers along the roads northwest of Abilene. Does it smell sweet? The “unwild” honeysuckle growing around my backporch is a vine with a almost sickeningly sweet smelling blossoms. Wild honeysuckle looks nothing like it actually.

    • Rubia: No, it doesn’t have an eminating sweet smell. I may be wrong in the nomen naming, but I have a fairly high degree of confidence that it is wild honeysuckle. I probably should get down on my knees and put my head in the blossoms and check it out. The honeysuckle that you mention is probably the same honeysuckle I knew as a boy in my backyard. Thank you, Rubia, for your comment.

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