Rain comes, chores follow

For the last two days, rain has fallen, perhaps as much as three inches.  My rain gauge cracked and I estimate the amount cautiously.  Replacing the rain gauge is a task ahead of me.  Weather forecasters — I listen to the Dallas-Fort Worth NBC television station — say the rain will stop by tomorrow.  My water tank appears up by several inches, although it is too muddy to trudge down to verify.

The plow follows the rain.  That’s an old adage.  Here’s another one: Chores follow the rain.  Right at the top of the list of my chores is to perform foundation dirt work on the alleyway and barn area.  Water runs off the barn roof and into the alleyway and horse stall.  In addition, I have to transport my Case DX-55 tractor to the repair shop to fix the linkage to the PTO (power train operation) so that I can do another chore.  I have to shred some sprouting mesquites in the fields with the tractor and shredder.  Until the rain subsides and sun dries the soil a bit, I am at ease in the ranch house.

Here is a photograph of rain puddles in front of the barn.

Here is the rain runoff in front of barn. Notice Star on the right side of the tack room.

The runoff from the barn roof floods the alleyway. This is a chore to follow the rain.  Notice the green trees and grass in the background.

The alleyway and stalls will need more foundation after the area dries.

This next week is Spring Break.  I’ll be marking a few tasks off my list.  My list of chores is not long, so maybe I will put one chore on a page rather than list the whole congregation of tasks on one page.  That way I can see one task at a time, or one task on one page at a time.  Pace myself, as my step-father used to say.  He did not say much, but that was an ‘adage’ I remember he said.

The list:

1. Construct dirt foundation for alleyway and stalls.

2. Change tire on flatbed trailer so I can haul tractor to repair shop.

3. Take tractor to repair shop and return.

4. Shred mesquite sprouts.

5. Replace rain gauge.


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11 responses to “Rain comes, chores follow

  1. There’s something about those photographs, illustrating your words… I felt as though I was standing right there. And a chore list, too. Life is good.

    Love this post.

    • Yes, Teresa, life is good. Thank you. The photographs were taken and then, thirty minutes later, the post was written. They fit real close. Chore lists — I know you probably have one right now for Lonewolf.

  2. So much better than last summer and fire season! Good for the stock tank!

  3. That’s quite a menu for the week Jack. We’ll all be following your adventures. Nice to hear you are catching up on rain. Make sure you take the time to have some fun. Life is short!

  4. I love the view looking out from the barn to the green grass and trees. Spring has brought you a beautiful landscape. Put a walk (or maybe even one a day) down through your beautiful land on your “to do” list. Maybe even at the top. A good way to add the “some fun” element to chores. Life should be a balance. A little work, a little play. Oh, and don’t forget to take your camera. Who knows what you’ll find out there.

  5. We’re at 3.25″ since Friday night, and it’s pouring again. We’ll total 3.5″ easily by the time this last band gets through. It’s running right up over Conroe, LIvingston and Sam Rayburn, too. Everyone hopes it’s just priming the pump.

    That’s a nice chore list. Four are relatively discrete and easy – it’s always fun to have a couple to check off right off the bat! Enjoy your inside time, while you’re waiting for the outside to dry!

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