Critters and tomato juice

Two burrows along Salt Creek bank.

Along the banks of Salt Creek that divides my pastures into two sections, I find burrows of armadillo, skunk and other critters.  Back at the barn, below the ranch house during the night, various critters slide under the wall railings and scour for grain that falls through feed bins.  When I walk the dogs in the early morning — about 5:00 a.m. — I scan the trail for tail of skunk so as to avert a stinky collision of critter and dog.  When my dogs are sprayed by the effective skunk, I wash them in tomato juice.  That has not happened in thirty years as I have successfully intercepted the fight — at least thus far.

Successful remedy for partially washing skunk from dog.



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14 responses to “Critters and tomato juice

  1. I knew you’d be talking ‘skunk.’ Wow, your vigilance has paid off – you learned your lesson and have staved it off for that long? But good to keep a jug o juice on hand anyways, eh?

    • Cirrelda: I have staved it off for quite awhile, but I am sure I will see and smell skunk on dog in the future. Yes, I keep a jug of juice and Caralee’s formula in the house. Thanks for your comment, Cirrelda.

  2. Caralee Woods

    Here is a much more effective–and cheaper–way to get skunk off your dogs. We learned this in Ft. Worth where our Bruno, Max, and the rest used to occasionally come to the back door with that smell all over them. It’s worth keeping a few large bottles of hydrogen peroxide, which is still about $1 a bottle, around the house just in case.

    1 quart of 3% hydrogen peroxide
    1/4 cup of baking soda
    1-2 teaspoons of liquid soap
    …and for large pets you can add 1 quart of lukewarm water

    Mix all of the ingredients in a large bucket and thoroughly work the mixture into the pet’s fur. It may be necessary to allow the solution to sit for about 5 minutes to ensure the best results. It is very important that you be extremely careful in keeping the solution out of the pet’s eyes, and that the animal not be allowed to lick itself during the bath. To de-scent the facial area, use a washcloth dipped into the solution and carefully clean around those sensitive areas. After the solution has set into the fur, rinse the animal thoroughly. Remember that nothing works perfectly for skunk scents and it may be necessary to repeat the process until the smell has dissipated.

    Don’t be overly concerned about the possibility of the peroxide solution dying your pet’s coat. In only a very few cases will the solution have any effect on the color of the coat at all and in those instances where it does, the change is very slight and completely temporary.

  3. Cowboy

    Howdy Jack –

    A good reminder. Spring isn’t far away in other parts of the country when the skunks will be out in force.

  4. I think you have the most successful solution: keep dogs and skunks separated!

  5. Once upon a time, a very real small child (not me) got together with a pretty black and white kitty with a pretty, fluffy tail that wasn’t a kitty at all.
    From what I remember, it took a whole lot of tomato juice and who knows what all to take care of that little skunk/human encounter!

    I haven’t seen a live one in years, but they do show up on the roads around here from time to time. Caution advised!

  6. Kittie Howard

    Hadn’t a clue tomato juice worked. Such a simple solution that comes in handy so tweeted your post.

  7. I used to use tomato juice, Jack, but after one really bad dosing a hound of mine received (he carried the dead skunk home in his mouth) I learned about a product called “Skunk Off”.

    In this particular case the tomato juice wouldn’t touch the terrible smell, I tried soaking and bathing Hickory in it several times. However, one liberal dose of Skunk Off took care of the problem. I have been using it ever since. Fortunately I haven’t needed it in several years since rabies wiped out most of the skunks in our area. I did notice a slight increase in their population last year.

    • Bill: I will note Skunk Off. Poor Hickory. Skunk population here is about the same as last year. We had rabies outbreak into a few horses last year so I vaccinate Star every other year.

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