Overflowing pond

I’m not for sure the drought here in my area — central-west Texas — has been broken, but the recent rain filled my neighbor’s pond and it has overflowed gently the last few days into my pond or cow tank.  I walked yesterday to my pond and noticed the overflow, catching me by surprise as I jumped the slight current, avoiding getting my boots wet.  It was quite cold, by our standards, and I returned to the house after a bracing hike.

The overflow from Blue's pond, February 11, 2012.

Star follows me on the hike yesterday. He is browsing on grass sprouts, lately erupting from the rains.

I like the contrast of the leafless trees and Star with the previous photograph that shows emergent winter grasses and water.

The temperature yesterday when I hiked was 28 deg. F., not cold enough to freeze the runoff, but cold enough to wear a warm coat and toboggan cap.

Today the temperature remains about the same and we are forecast sleet and rain from 6:00 p.m. until tomorrow morning.


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18 responses to “Overflowing pond

  1. Celebrating the moisture – Yes! I agree, the colors in the first photo are vibrant for mid February drought locales, and beautiful. Greys, tans, nut browns are also beautiful, and your Paint looks good against them, too.

    • Cirrelda: Yes, doesn’t he look good against the grays. I did not see the contrasts until I got back to the computer and put the pic up on the screen. Thanks for commenting, C.C. I thought you would appreciate the colors especially.

  2. This past week, they cut the grass at a marina I work in. The clover’s popping up in abundance now, and when they cut, the smell of green was overpowering. I tried to remember – it may well be over a year since I’ve smelled fresh-mown grass.

    Here’s a really helpful post about our drought conditions. The maps are clickable for enlargement. We’re headed the right way, but as one of the mets here at the Houston NWS said, “We don’t need averages. We need surplus”. We’ll hope for it anyway, and the sight of that overflow is marvelous.

    It’s cold even here at the coast this morning – 36 degrees!

  3. Great news about the moisture. Looks like we’re getting some today, and a storm pattern is setting up for this coming week. Hopefully it will go your way when it leaves us. PS Love the idea of your horse going walking with you…I’m envious.

    • Martie: That’s great news for you! I follow the weather forecasts at Taos on my MSN homepage, just in case I can saddle Star and ride to your area. I never thought a horse would follow me like he does — much like a dog-companion. Good to hear from you.

  4. It’s good to see a post from you again, Jack. I have thought about how you were with that pirate eye,
    What a beautiful paint horse Star is.

    Have a nice Sunday!
    Grethe ´)

  5. Cowboy

    Howdy Jack –

    I can imagine it’s nice to see water running over the ground again. And I just don’t believe any photos would be complete without a horse in it !

    Take care……

  6. Rubia

    Star looks like a fine horse for a fine vaquero!

  7. I bet that water and cool temperature is wonderful to have after the hot, dry summer! Here’s hoping that the drought is broken!

  8. The weather here in New Mexico, snow one day, sunshine, rain one day, sunshine, windy one day, sunshine, it never gets boring here

  9. Kittie Howard

    That running water looked real good. And Star’s looking great. Here, in Virginia, we have snow flurries at night followed by a bright, sunny (and almost warm) day. Not enough rain or snow, tho, for this time of the year.

    I hope your drought is really broken and gentle spring rains come.

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