Rain fills pond

Three days ago rain came to the area and I received about 4.5 inches of moisture.  The pond, seen above, rose three feet from run-off water.  Many areas of Texas, not just central West Texas, received sufficient rain to fill lakes and ponds.  The run-off was severe and water flooded roads.  Burn bans have been lifted.  I have read news reports that the drought has been lifted.  My pond has not been this full in over two years.


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34 responses to “Rain fills pond

  1. John Caraway

    Let’s hope 2012 will be a wet year

  2. Rubia

    The sunset glow on your pond is beautiful Jack!

  3. That is cause for celebration! I hope the drought is indeed lifted!

  4. Cowboy

    Howdy Jack –

    Kind of feast or famine – either to much rain, or to little.

    Great photo in your header, it looks as if he’s having a word with you……..

  5. fivereflections

    glad to hear you are getting rain, hopefully not all at one time, as the year progresses.

  6. Wonderful news! Also, I love the new photo in your header!

  7. Donnie Reno

    Praise the Lord. Our lake is about 84%.

  8. This is cause for celebration – glad you told us.

  9. That’s wonderful news; we could sure use some moisture here. I found buds on my lilac bush this last week…in January, no less…we are headed for a grim summer if things don’t change soon.

  10. We usually have too much water over here, except for this time of year, in liquid form that is. Your fine pictures make’s you long for spring.

  11. Wonderful news. Photos brought a smile. I Immediately thought about you when I saw the rain map on the news. Two years – what a slug fest. Hope the ground loosens up quickly.

    Many of my bulbs are peeking. Grass is thickening. Snow last week. Spring-like sunny days this week; a bit of snow tonight. Totally crazy, almost as crazy as those who say there’s no global warming. Jeez! What does it take???

    Stay safe!

    • Kittie: I really don’t know what to think about this weather. Your weather pattern sounds really weird too. I hope all is well with you. Two years in waiting for the rain to fall and fill the tank. It’s not completely over yet, I know. Hope all is well with you and yours.

  12. Wonderful news Jack. Hopefully even more will continue to come your way. I’ll definitely be keeping good thoughts.

  13. Good news Jack. Nothing is more discouraging than drought. Hopefully you’ll have a wet spring and normal rainfall summer. It sure makes things a lot more green and is easier on wildlife.

  14. Oh, I’m so happy for you! Down here, it’s not so good, but at this point it hardly matters who gets the rain, as long as it comes. They are doing better north of Houston. I think Livingston is half-full now. We’ll just keep hoping.

    That photo in the header is delightful. She’s a pretty thing!

  15. Hey Jack, great to hear! I think about you anytime I hear about the weather in Texas. It’s been crazy mild here, after two years of record or near record snows. I’m not complaining but it does give one pause. Hope you’re well!

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