Light abstraction at night on I-20

Tail lights and headlights on Interstate 20 near Brazos River (November 2011).

Last Friday night I drove back from Fort Worth, Texas, to the ranchito and took this picture on a hill with an iPhone 3G above the Brazos River as the traffic passed east to west, west to east, on Interstate 20, the major route between Fort Worth and Abilene.

The shaky photograph portrays tail lights and headlights.  The red lights are vehicles heading east, people on errands and business, burning oil to illuminate the night and find their way.  The white lights are vehicles driving west.  A mile to the east (to the left of the white lights in the photograph), the traffic bogged down on the Interstate because of construction with stop-and-go for almost twenty miles due to two-lane passage.  My driving west ( to the right of the photograph), did not slow down that much.

At times out here in the country on the interstate, I can see 20-mile stretches of cars and trucks driving the highway, going to their appointed rounds to deliver goods and visit friends.


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7 responses to “Light abstraction at night on I-20

  1. Those 20-mile stretches are the reason you’ll never find me driving I-10 into Houston on a Sunday evening or at the end of a holiday. I’d much rather appreciate your photo.

    Funny – looking at it, I’m suddenly thrown back out onto the water, where the color and arrangement of lights on vessels are the only indications of what’s happening around you. This one? “Red over White, Fishing at Night”! I wonder what they’re trolling for, out there in the dark?

  2. I’ve just come back to leave a note re: the Masada sample. The article was very interesting, particularly because of a slight Texas link. There have been other hypotheses about the source of the dye, and one suggestion was janthina janthina, a small purple sea-snail. It is found along the Texas coast from time to time, though it’s more commonly found near Florida.

    Enjoyable article – thanks for linking it.

  3. Dear Jack!
    I miss your little sweet bison face among my followers. `)


  4. Hej Jack! Thank you so much. I’m sorry I didn’t explain that I had transferred two blogs into the Thyra blog. I didn’t know how it would work. It worked okay, but the followers disappeared. And I would be sorry to see you gone!
    Grethe ´)

  5. In the hilly northeast we can’t see long distances except when viewing from a mountain top or other high precipice. That being said, I would have thought the photo was a UFO had you not told me different. Interesting photograph.

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