Clouds with feed bin

I have kept this late evening photograph of the feed bin with clouds for several weeks. I like the symmetry of the tree line, feed bin, hills and clouds. The feed bin I bought at Gore Bros. Feed Store in Comanche, Texas, a store my family had patronized for fifty years. When it was said at the breakfast table that we were going to Comanche to pick up some “cow cake,” it was understood that Gore Bros. was the destination. Most of my ranch equipment has been purchased from their ranch supplies area, i.e., feed bins, water troughs, hay racks. The lime green color of the feed bin, the dark grasses and the white clouds compose a very simple photograph that I think is appealing. Of course, as we all know, there is no accounting for taste.



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9 responses to “Clouds with feed bin

  1. Cowboy

    It is appealing Jack – kind of a photo to relax by!

    • I think so too. I’ll often just go over to the field in the evening and sit on the tailgate of the pickup and watch the sunset. Of course, that when the temps are cool! Summertime is quite different.

  2. “Feed bins, water troughs, hay rack,” all words that sing to me. I think it’s an absolutely beautiful photograph. Something in the way it moves me…. I love the image of you sitting on the tailgate of the pickup. Important things happen on the tailgates of pickups. Like sunrise, sunset and Life itself.

    Love this post.

  3. The photo is lovely – I particularly like the slight ambiguity of the feed bin. It might be a feed bin. It might be for water. It might even be just a receptacle, to hold all of of our associations with the land. There are other things it could be, but I’ll leave those to your imagination.

    I thought of you when I was driving home. I’m not sure where I was – somewhere between Mt. Pleasant and Pittsburgh, I think. There was a farm/ranch equipment place there that had thousands of troughs, gates, etc. for sale. There was so much equipment it looked like a dock at the Port of Houston. I’ve never seen so much red, blue and galvanized “ranch stuff” in one place in my life. It was beautiful.

    • I agree. Seeing the “ranch stuff” seems so full of the West, the tools, the equipment that make us what we are. I see what you mean by the ambiguity of the feed bin and your take on it is quite deep and lovely.

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