Arizona in Extremis | Find an Outlet

Arizona in Extremis | Find an Outlet.

My fellow blogger, Debra, out in Arizona is posting on the wildfires near her town of Bisbee.  This posting illustrates the problems of evacuation and caring for pets as well as the terrible destruction close-by her residence.  She has other postings about the wildfires.

There’s so much controversy over ignitions, forest management and evacuation that can be debated after the fires are put out.  Debra has spent major intervals of her life taking care of animals.  She and her husband moved to Bisbee several years ago from New England.

She is attempting to help her friend, Janice, who has many dogs and is worried about evacuation and her pets.

It’s terrible out there.




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7 responses to “Arizona in Extremis | Find an Outlet

  1. It’s a terrible situation. Thanks for highlighting Debra’s blog.

    Your own blog is slightly dangerous. I can spend a lot of time just poking about. I just noticed the Taos Blue Door entry, went to read and got lost – so interesting. I have two tiles I brought back from a trip to NM – and of course one has a blue door!

  2. Thank you Jack. It’s getting worse by the day.

  3. Kittie Howard

    The fire in Arizona (and a bit into NM) is nasty. Video footage on the national news breaks my heart. About the talk after – most of those in the flood zone from the Morganza Spillway didn’t lose their homes after all. The land was so dry, it soaked up the wate beyond any’s educated guess or imagination, a first for a situation like this. Now there’s grumbling about the money spent to get them out of harm’s way. Mother Nature doesn’t care. She’s not happy about environmental abuse and will have her way.

    • Kittie, can you explain the environmental abuse you’re talking about? People here are saying if they had let them thin the forests in Coronado this fire would not be so devastating. I’m confused about environmentalists vs. thinning. This fire had nothing to do with abuse, except abuse by illegals and smugglers, though they will not say it in the news. Like it started all by itself. They start fires all the time up there but it never makes the news. There are signs all over the place about “entering burned areas” and “beware of smugglers.”

  4. No rain in NM, and we having a very bad drought with wild fires poping everywhere.
    Pray for Rain

  5. I keep wondering if the extreme drought is a side effect of climate change and therefore we can expect more of this. I honestly don’t know. But the situation is really bad and it seems to be ultimately out of our control.

    I could easily write a thesis on our forest management practices and the politics of our choices but I won’t go there. That discussion would be better for another day when these terrible fires are under control.

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