What is this with horses and water?

Hoof prints in water from Barton Creek.


Star's hooves covered in mud so much you can't see his shoes. He's really a good boy.

Coming back for more…

Water, mud and a horse.

A good head shot…

Star after playing in water is curious about camera and all the excitement.

What is this with horses and water?  Or for that matter, kids and water?  They love playing in water.

I’ve not had rain in a few weeks and the corral is dry.  Star’s hooves needed moisturizing, so I turned on the water sprinkler this morning to partially flood the corral — about thirty minutes of watering.  Star saw the water coming out of the sprinkler and shoved his head, nose and mouth down into the steam of water, pawed at the ground and for forty-five minutes stood over the sprinkler getting his front quarters wet and soggy as well as his hooves.

I finally left him there, went back up to the house for another cup of coffee and to fetch the camera.  When I returned, he had gone back to his hay bin, but returned to the sprinkler when I asked him to pose.  He posed for a pretty-good head shot.

* * *

I am down to one horse, Star, and no cattle — for the moment.  I sold three horses in January and Lilly had to be put down that same month.  The far Pecan Tree Pasture is ready for a few head of cattle to graze and Star and I need to be around bovine for awhile.  Star has a natural cutting ability and takes his cue from me, even when I am on foot and not in the saddle.  If he sees I am trying to pen cattle, he will help me round-up the cattle and put them in the pen — more shepherd than equine I sometimes think.

A farrier of mine once said that he was the smartest horse in the remuda, but so smart he would try to outwit you.  Once he joined-up with you, however, you were buddies for life and you worked together.  Maybe next week, the sale in Abilene…

Early morning scan for fresh grass through corral panels.

Post-publication note: If you have not clicked on the first link of Sage to Meadow Photostream, the picture with the elk in the water, do so.  It is a young elk playing in the water and is enchanting to watch.  The Photostream is on the first sidebar — NOT the Vodpod photos of guitarists.


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7 responses to “What is this with horses and water?

  1. Last photo here my fave — a great post, Jack!
    Seems like you are in summer mode — a teacher spreading out in the joys of home base. Congratulations on your time on the home front!

  2. What a smart boy he is! And handsome, too. I love the idea of a shepherd horse. Looking forward to hearing who comes home from the stock sale.

  3. Anonymous

    Always like you comments makes me think of Brownwood and Locker’s Ranch behind our house.

  4. I’ve always thought that animals truly recognize the value of water.

  5. I love the video of the young elk playing. It’s very much like how Star must feel, being able to just play in the mud again. Not to mention cool to the feet, well, hooves. What a sweetie.

  6. Such fun photos of Star, and that video is just remarkable. I had a recent experience of watching a raccoon rejoice in the sudden presence of water, and the creature’s delight was of the same quality as the elk’s.

    I’ve felt far worse for the animals through this long, hot stretch. We have kitchen taps and stores filled with bottled water. They’re much more limited in their options – and much thirstier, I suspect.

  7. Kittie Howard

    Star seems like a ‘people’ here…one minute a kid playing in the mud, the next a wise man out with his buddy. Yes, it’s time to run a few head of cattle. Hope the sale went well.

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