Water into trough

Barton Water Co-op provides this water.



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3 responses to “Water into trough

  1. This post of yours comes at an opportune time – was just wondering this morning whether you have ever seen plastic liners for old stock tanks?
    Looks like your plants are getting enough moisture there. Did you know that the Albuquerque area has only had one third of normal rainfall so far this year?

  2. Oops, not even a third of normal as I said above, but less —

    “Albuquerque has gotten about 0.19 inches of rain so far this year, a fraction of the normal average of 2.62 inches, the National Weather Service said.”

    Your area of TX is also dry, right Jack? though you get more annual rain than we do.

  3. Swimming pools here are filled with mallards and gulls, ringed with grackels and bluejays. When I hose off a boat at work, the ducks flock to the sound of water falling on water. I “made rain” for mama and baby mallards for twenty minutes one day. How can you not, when they’re so eager to bathe and drink in the falling water?

    Not a drop here yet – but I can hear the water in the your trough!

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