Bird nest with horse hair

Two bird nests with horse hair (May 2011).

When I cut the split tree down yesterday, I recovered two bird nests I had seen in the tree. The fledglings had already flown away and no new eggs had been laid. I would have continued to anchor the split tree if fledglings had remained or the parents were sitting, and then I would fell the tree.   All birds had flown away.

The nest on the left has more black horse hair than white.  Some sorrel hair is intertwined.  The nest on the right has more white hair woven in.  The black horse hairs came from Sweet Hija and Lilly.  The sorrel horse hairs emanated from Shiney, Fanny and Wild Flower Gal.  The white hairs came from Star.

Star remains on the ranchito.  Lilly is buried on the place.  Sweet Hija is in Canada.  Shiney and Fanny are resettled in Missouri and Wild Flower Gal is still in Texas.  Scattered as the horses be, their hair has remained in north Erath County, Texas,  for other creatures to use and as a memento for me to see.


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8 responses to “Bird nest with horse hair

  1. What a fine thing to come upon and to have as a memento. A beautiful example of the cycles of life and the interconnectedness of all living things. I just Love this post, the idea you’ve shared here. Birds and horses, strength and grace entwined.

  2. Kittie Howard

    I’m so reminded of the ancient Egyptian’s believe that the dung beetle signified everlasting life.

    I really don’t think Mother Nature would mind if you saved this nest for yourself. It’s fair!

  3. Truly the web of life. Don’t you think?

  4. I’m glad you’re back.
    love Karwn

  5. Jack, this is just beautiful. I would be tempted to scatter them and let them be used to give life again. That’s a personal decision.

    I didn’t know horsehair was such a popular nest ingredient until I moved to Arizona. Every year the swallows use it to refurbish their nest on my porch light. But the hairs hang down and once a fledgling got tangled in one, now I cut the long ones. Is this intervention unnecessary? I don’t know but I feel responsible that each baby makes it out safely, after all they are my tenants.

    I’m in awe that you found these, a kind of sign, I think.

  6. Nature, birds and animals all as one, how fitting this is what is left behind for you.

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