Prairie Sagebrush Award 2011: preview n. 1

In June 2011, I select posts and photographs from my blogosphere that I think are fine examples of creativity. As a preview of the 2011 Prairie Sagebrush Award, I am posting a photograph by Montucky from his blog, Montana Outdoors. The current focus of his blog is photography. I’ve selected his picture of a female Rufous hummingbird as an example of his three foci areas of shutterbugging — landscapes, wildlife and close-up photography of plants. In the final awards, I will probably include all of his foci areas in the listing.

I quote from his blog, Montana Outdoors:

I am privileged to live in western Montana, close to the wilderness and roadless areas that I love so much, and I’m thankful that I am still able to venture up into them and spend much of my time there.

Most of the photos that I post are of scenes that cannot be seen from from roads or highways. There is a very beautiful world out there in the wild country and it is my wish to make it visible, by words and photographs, to those who are interested in enjoying it.

It seems that many folks have all but forgotten that we are part of that natural world and that ultimately it sustains us in both body and spirit. My hope is that we will have the wisdom and the discipline to preserve it for future generations, for once the wilderness has vanished, mankind will soon vanish as well. [“About,” Montana Outdoors, Montucky.]

Female Rufous hummingbird, photograph by Montucky of Montana Outdoors, August 8, 2010.

Montana falls within Northern Rocky Mountains. The Rocky Mountain system makes up the eastern flank of the great Cordillera that extends from New Mexico to Alaska. The Northern Rocky Mountains lies from Canada into Montana as a series of parallel ranges such as the Lewis, Flathead and Selkirk mountains.


Montucky’s Montana Outdoors utilizes a full-grid reproduction of his photographs. The link for the photograph above is female Rufous hummingbird by Montucky of Montana Outdoors, August 8, 2010.

The link for last year’s award:  Prairie Sagebrush Award 2010: the full anthology with links.


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13 responses to “Prairie Sagebrush Award 2011: preview n. 1

  1. Tiger lilies! I couldn’t identify them and had to go look. Amazing how unfamiliar a familiar plant can seem.

  2. Kittie Howard

    Great choice! Tiger lilies and a humingbird combine gloriously to honor Mother Nature.

  3. A spectacular photograph from a spectacular photographer. You could not have made a better choice. I’ve spent a lot of time on Montucky’s photo blog and it is simply wonderful.

    • I can’t wait to go through you corpus of posts this last year. I’ve just been following you for a few months. You seem to post one a week or repost as the case might be. Right now, the post you wrote on watching and going back to a patch of undisturbed land beckons me to say, “That’s the one!”

    • Iona Cline

      Imagine the people you meet here on Jack’s blog. I’m new to his blog, and already I’ve met you from the photo challenge, and Montucky (Terry) whom I cherished his blog for his skillful and beautiful flower and wildlife photos. Glad you are still hanging around, Bill.


      • Yep, still here and there. Glad to have bumped into you again. Can’t believe how many different people check out Jack’s site. He (and it) are amazing! Hope to hear from you again.

    • He really is a spectacular photographer. I went through most of his corpus and decided on that one as a preview. I was able to find his three areas of focus, each of them a world of their own.

  4. Thank you for your kind words, Jack, and for all of the attention! I especially appreciate it coming from you because we share a love for the world in which we live and a respect for all of the living things that make it work.

  5. Iona Cline

    Jack, you have created a very small world here! lol Not that it is small at all, just that I am amazed to find two old friends here. I’ve been a follower of Terry’s (Montucky) for a couple of years. I’m well acquainted with the area (stupendous scenery and mountains!) where he lives as my late husband and I lived in Washington State, and N. Idaho and drove that section of Montana when we visited a daughter when she lived in that area.

    I’m a Native Texan (Victoria area), transplanted to the NW as a teen. Now live in NE Arkansas. I miss the mountains, crystal clear waters, evergreens and the grand totality of it all. Not that I don’t see beauty in other places, but those areas are dear and special to me.

    • Iona: I am so glad to get back to the blog this week. I posted and then have been snowed under with work and all I’ve done is read and look — not write. Terry’s photos are amazing and just plain gorgeous. I know you must miss that area. I have an old friend in Victoria. His name is David Stiles and he is a lawyer and I think his dad was too. Clear waters — miss the central Texas clear creeks. Thank you for commenting, Iona. I look forward to getting over to your blog.

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