Sound: 54 seconds of Sunday afternoon rain

Sage to Meadow Blog. A narrative of people living with the land in the American Southwest. That’s the short description of what this blog is about. I want to expand it a bit today with a video and especially the sound portion of rain, the weather change we’ve been waiting for here in central-west Texas. The fires are all out at Possum Kingdom. I saw U.S. Forest Service trucks on Thursday rushing towards west Texas and Arizona, accompanied by Highway Patrolmen with red lights turning. There must be problems farther west for them to rush. I hope my friends in west Texas, New Mexico and Arizona will see an end to the dry spell and conditions.

Here in central-west Texas, we have the rain. The view is towards the south, looking at the arena field and round pen. Star is in his stable. He whinnied a few minutes ago because I was tardy in feeding him. The rains have come in rhythmic bands throughout the day. In the video, you can discern St. Augustine grass, planted by the previous owners. I like the buffalo grass. You can see tufts of it and Queen Ann’s Lace on the first terrace.

I am running a test on a new format for my blog. The format is called Basic Maths. I’m not so sure I will stay with it. I have thirty days to test its application.


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21 responses to “Sound: 54 seconds of Sunday afternoon rain

  1. Anonymous

    Oh My Heavens. Rain in central-west Texas and Jack’s got it all on video. How cool is that? What a great idea! Thank you so much for sharing your rain with us. That sound! That beautiful sound!

  2. That was me. My info, had disappeared and I didn’t notice.

  3. A true wonder. I’d forgotten what it sounds like.

    I listened four times. My kitty came over on the second listen, jumped up to have a look and then moved to the speakers for the replays. I think she’s eager for it to rain again, too.

    I’m so happy for you. Our turn will come.

    • Indeed, your turn will definitely come. Glad to bring a kitty to the blog. Don’t know too many bloggers that can do that. I definitely want to explore these features more.

  4. I loved the video Jack, the sound of the rain was very comforting. I like the idea of exploring sounds in nature.

    You’re braver than I am about changing formats. I’ve thought about it but that’s as close as change has come.

    • Well, I’m giving the format in WordPress a tryout. Erin said in a comment above that more pictures and color are good, the more the better. I’ll see how this goes. Changing formats yesterday was a bit of a hassle, especially getting the pics and vid placed like I wanted them.

  5. Very high tech and great that you’re having rain

  6. Erin R.

    It’s very good to see that you are getting rain, Jack. Still dry and cold here, but tomorrow there is another chance. The new look is a little drab, boring…just the humble opinion of your reader. More pictures and more color the better, but you know how I feel about color 🙂

    • My words exactly — drab, boring, more color needed. I’m giving the format a test run for thirty days and see how it goes. The drab factor prompts me to kick the content, pics, videos and color up a notch in composing. That’s one thing I’ve noticed about the format since yesterday. We’ll see how it goes.

      I hope you get rain today. It’s cold here this morning — 44 deg.

      I will increase the pics and color on the blog. The background is a pale yellow. I might do it differently.

  7. I like rain anyway, but in fire season it’s the best sight and sound there is!

    • Yes, the best! I hope you get some moisture or the fire danger lessens in Montana.

    • Iona Cline

      Imagine meeting you here, Terry! Hello! Do you had a moisture problem in Montana? The snow hasn’t all left yet, has it? I’ve been keeping up with your photos, but has been a while since I made a comment. As usual, your photos are classics!


  8. Kittie Howard

    Soooo, soothing, Jack. I opened your blog at just the right time; it’s been a hectic morn! I couldn’t help but think back to sitting on my grandmother’s porch, listening to the rain while looking at the pasture and thinking nothing, just being.

    Love this format – and the energy!

    Remember, I mentioned tornadoes were headed our way? One touched down ten miles north of us, on the Potomac. When our town popped on the TV’s danger area, we got out.

  9. Ahh, the sound of rain! This must be music to your ears after all you have been through in the dry, dry state of Texas.

    • Yes, it’s something I wanted to record. ‘Tis music, Bill.

      • Iona Cline

        So glad your wildfires are over. Love the sound of rain. But here in NE Arkansas, we’ve had too much of it with horrid T-storms lately. We are ready for some relief. Thankfully, where we are, we managed to escape the tornadoes, yet, we have been flood-bound. In case of an emergency, the only way out was by mecivac. Our main highway is now re-opened as of this morning, otherwise, the highway led to the Missouri line with nothing but small towns between here and there. 😦

      • My, O, My: That just sounds terrible! I’m glad you escaped the tornadoes. This is an unusual season for weather. The tornadoes are so deadly. Your highway was closed? That’s too much water. I hope it improves for you.

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