Saturday morning chores

Path in the Grove, Spring 2011.

It is Saturday morning and chores must be done.

I had rather walk the path in the Grove as photographed above, but duty calls.

To wit:  establish an insecticide ring about the ranch house that is minimal to reduce or eliminate the large wood ants scouting out the kitchen.

Go to Gordon Hardware Store six-miles away and purchase hardware for gates and trellis.

Collect trash along County Road 114.

Fetch Shiner Bock beer from barn refrigerator.  Pour half for me, half-a-bottle for Star, the paint gelding.  I don’t know about me, but Star deserves it having made it through isolation and the smoke from the fires.


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16 responses to “Saturday morning chores

  1. Sharing a beer with one of your best buds is a fine thing to do on a Saturday morning. After the fires, a celebration of life and renewal.

    • Renewal is correct and celebration. Today the wind is light and we have rain in the forecast. That’s good, but I would like to have a little Minnesota snow to cool things further.

  2. Erin R.

    Funny that you should post this Jack, as I was just thinking this morning how much I would rather be home watching the hummingbirds than working in Abilene today. We have duties do take care of instead. However, the grove will wait for you and the hummingbirds as well.

    • The grove and hummingbirds will wait for us. We’ll enjoy the grove and birds when our work is done. Saturdays seem to be play days for the children and young boys and girls and that’s when your business calls. The hummingbirds are not too plentiful right now. Lots of barn swallows, but there seems to be a movement back and forth of wildlife in this life zone that I’ve not seen before. The flycatchers usually are in abundance by now, but they are not. Just a few I see. Flowers are erupting later and not as many as last year. But we still have more rains and May. I put your website under Websites on Sage to Meadow.

  3. I’m procrastinating on my weekend chores today. So glad your ranch wasn’t affected by the fire!

    • Rebecca: I made the list this morning and have done the trellis, but have not cordoned the house. So, I am behind and it’s 1:30 p.m. Thank you for the sentiments about the ranch. We’re lucky.

  4. I’d love to see a photo of you and Star sharing that beer! Great visual. Have a good weekend.

  5. Nothing like sharing a brewsky with your horse on a fine morning. Glad your ordeal is over. Don’t know if I missed something in your posts, you probably know there are fires raging now along Arizona/Nogales border. We can see the smoke from here. Hard to find out if Washington is sending aid or not. Was relieved to read they are helping those poor folks in Alabama—it must be a very big deal indeed to take a few dollars from foreign aid and arming rebels to help our own country. They could rebuild the towns with one day’s military spending. If I sound bitter, I’m sorry—it’s more like outrage.

    • I know. I really, really know what you mean. I have seen, say, a hundred U.S. Forest Service fire trucks leaving our area headed west to New Mexico, Arizona. Some of the convoys have Texas Highway Patrol cars leading them at fast speeds along I-20. Those poor folks in Alabama and our #%&*@ governor has to moan about Texas and PK. Pitiful.

  6. Isn’t that just the way with a chore list? It’s 4:30 now and my own list is lying here not even half done. It’s the way of the world.

    I noticed your comment about the swallows. I’ve seen something astonishing this year – a swallow pair has built a nest under a floating marina dock where I’ve been working. I first noticed the cheeping of the babies. After some watching I finally spotted the parents swooping under the dock to feed them.

    When I left work on Friday, the babes still were in the nest, but the parents were sitting nearby on docklines from time to time, making sharp, chirping noises. I suspect it’s getting time for the babies to fledge. I’m hoping they’ll still be there Monday, but even if they’ve left the nest they’ll stay nearby and I’ll be able to watch them grow for a bit. Sometimes there will be a dozen young birds lined up on boat lifelines, waiting to be fed.

    We need rain to make more mosquitos for them!

    • A dozen lined up to be fed. That’s a picture! I suppose it will be okay, but my first thought was when they jump out of the nest they will fall in the water and drown! Yet, I’ve seen swallows on the edges of cliffs like you have I’m sure and they don’t bonk their little heads when they fall out, jump out, be pushed out of the nest. So, I’m sure the floating-marina-dock swallows will survive. Keep me in the loop about their growth.

      I want to record and put on the blog the barn swallows we have on our back porch. They make the sharp, chirping noises like you have probably heard.

      My list for yesterday did not get completed. More on that later.

  7. I think you and Star both deserve a good beer after the tension of the fires, the heat and the smoke! Partly to relax and partly to celebrate.

  8. I can’t figure out how it happens but my chore list gets longer by the end of each day rather than shorter. With that in mind, and with the rage of fire behind you (hopefully), I say cheers to you and star as you share a stout. In my twisted mind I wondered if you might play a hand of poker as well!

    • He very nearly can play poker he’s so smart. He’s good looking, but not the best confirmation, yet he makes up for it in brains.

      I know what you mean about the list growing longer. As I do one thing, I see another project or chore. By the time I got the trellis nailed, I was thinking about building a stock pen in the far field. Grass is high and Star needs stock pen.

      I’ve got to get me a multi-tool. Yesterday, I ended up with three different K-Bar knives with attachments in my pocket. Ah well, I’ll go the hardware store today. You know, I really like hardware stores.

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