Possum Kingdom area map and weather lifts 20 APR 11

To give you an idea of the extent of the Possum Kingdom Complex Fire, here is a map with pertinent marks.  The distance legend is at the bottom as well as the location of our place — “Matthews (Flying Hat).”  The green lines indicate the field observations I have made the last few days — going north from Flying Hat on SH 108, SH 919 to US 180, then east and west to the Stephens County line, then southward along SH 16 to Strawn.

Wildfires were observed yesterday, NORTH of US 180 and WEST of SH 16 to Strawn — thirty-six miles of the sub-route.  Many of those were fire spots that were lessening in intensity.

The temperature this morning at the Matthews Place is 65 deg., humidity is 20 percent.  In looking at the National Weather forecast, there were NO Red Flag Warnings for today!

I will be writing a post later today.  With a click of your mouse, you may enlarge the map for obligatory detail.

Matthews Place north to Possum Kingdom Lake (The Roads of Texas map set, 1988).

Wildfire near Strawn, Texas (photo by Tom Pennington, New York Times, April 20, 2011).


Corrections: italics used to emphasize and word added that these were observations made yesterday. Large caps used to indicate NORTH and WEST in locations.

Sentence added that some hot spots were lessening in intensity yesterday.


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17 responses to “Possum Kingdom area map and weather lifts 20 APR 11

  1. Good to see your post. Isn’t Pennington’s photo amazing and heart-rending? I found and used it myself, last night.

    I smiled after my double-take at your header photo. Apparently they’ve not restricted use of water in a blog. It looks like you missed the real thing last night by a hundred miles, give or take. We’ll hope for better luck next time.

    • Sky is completely overcast this morning! Temps in lower 70s. Yes, Pennington’s photograph is just stunning. He was able to get back up FM 207, I think. He has press credentials. I had gone up Robinson Road, west of SH 16 near Strawn, and the smoke thickened. I’ll get over to your blog and look at your comment on the photo.

  2. Thanks so much for the map. Really helps to see where you are in relation to the towns and areas you talk about. Wonderful news about the weather this morning. I am definitely hoping that you all get a little rain today. We have a little in the forecast for tonight and tomorrow and I would gladly send it your way if I could. Love the header photo for today. Keep those positive thoughts coming!

    • Annie: Thank you for your comment. I thought you would like the header. It is wonderful news and your thoughts have helped us through the night. We are still on tight water restrictions since last night. I thought the map would help and should have put it up earlier.

  3. Deanne Swanner Jones

    Mr. Matthews, I found your blog this morning in search of the most recent updates. My parents are Richard and Marjanna Swanner that live in Gordon, Tx. That picture that is posted Is that Pam’s house? Do you know? Are you getting rain now? You have given me more information than any news team. It is appreciated. Keep the information coming. I am making a decision on weather or not to head that way. My parents ofcourse will not tell me much they don’t want me to worry.

    • Deanne, the photograph I published on this post was taken near Strawn, Texas, back up SH 16, approximately ten miles to the west, northwest. The winds have died down considerably, the moisture level is up and we have overcast skies. That photograph was taken yesterday and conditions have changed. Perhaps that will lessen your anxiety.

      I live within six miles of Gordon and for the moment the town is untouched directly by the wildfire. The volunteer fire department is standing by and I will go into the area soon and blog back what I see in Gordon for you. At the moment, we are not in danger of a wildfire spread because of the weather conditions about Mingus and Gordon. Today is much better around here. Palo Pinto and PK and Strawn are having their problems, but the weather is much better for containment today it seems.

    • Further, Deanne, it is almost misting at our ranch, 5.5 miles south of Gordon, so things are calming down.

  4. Kittie Howard

    Thanks for the map, Jack. It’s a relief to know you have cooler temps and there’s a bit of a mist. Here’s hoping for the best!

  5. It sounds like the intensity is lessening. It must be quite a relief, although I’m sure some vigilance remains. Unpredictable life. Good to know it’s misting.

  6. Glad things are looking up there! So much always hangs on the weather!

  7. Great photo of the fire, but under different conditions I would rather have green scenery. These fires do so much destruction to our land and peoples lifes. Mother Nature is fighting us all the over world. I bet she is trying to tell us something.

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