Sound of wind and bird in live oaks near Mingus, Texas

Wind sounds, April 19, 2011, on Flying Hat Ranchito beneath evergreen live oaks.  Turn up your volume to hear bird calls and wind through live oaks.  A bit of a respite from the last few days.  The wind increases in volume.  Shadows of leaves on the ground.


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14 responses to “Sound of wind and bird in live oaks near Mingus, Texas

  1. Caralee Woods

    I sure do miss live oaks. Not a one, to my knowledge, lives in Utah. We have Gamble Oaks, and that’s about it; they are mostly large bushes. However, yesterday I listened for a long while to the return of the Cow Birds. They move in very large flocks and light in and fly through the juniper/pinyon forest we live in. They are really loud birds, all crying at once, and for all the world they sound just like a litter of puppies or kittens crying for their momma. When we first moved here and heard them, I actually began looking for a lost cat out in the desert! Then I learned about Cow Birds.

    • Caralee, I know you miss the live oaks. I wish I could send you some acorns — well, maybe I can. Cow Birds. I can see you jumping to the rescue as you always have when you hear anguish or read of it. I think we have the Cow Bird — white, long necks, always dinking around cattle and horses? Hope all is well. Tell Jim hello for me. I miss you both.

  2. Kittie Howard

    Thank you for the clip. I turned up the volumne. Very nice but also haunting. Jack, news stories on CNN’s site (and other sites) are scary. However, you do have birds, a good sign.

    • Yes, a good sign, the birds. The contrast with all the machines and fires just north of us is gripping. I go a few miles away to the northwest and there’s a command center for this mess — helicopters, trucks, bulldozers. Then, in my arena pasture, live oaks and birds.

  3. Good to see you are to focus, at least temporarily, on the positive. Any idea what birds we were hearing?

    I liked the tree shadow with wind and birds in background. Nice touch!

  4. Much prefer your birds to the Palo Pinto feed tonight. CBS/Dallas will be in Strawn for their 9/10 p.m. broadcasts, it seems. Nothing to do now but send along good wishes and prayers for all who are in the path of this – and wait.

    • Agreed. I walk outside in all this heat — or yesterday I did — and I hear the birds and wind. It takes to a different place. No machines, just nature. Do you live along a beach or on a boat, so that you can enjoy the coast and its natural events (that aren’t destructive)?

  5. Ann

    Beautiful Jack, like a meditation.

  6. Deceptively tranquil, Jack. I hope it stays that way!

  7. How peaceful. A welcome break, no doubt, from the stress of the fires. Do you have Meadowlarks? I adore their calls. Wish we had them up here.

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