Sandhill Crane heard

I’ve heard several Sandhill in the sky above me right now. I cannot see them, but I hear their gentle calls up in the sky. It’s 70 degrees and pleasantly warm. Mail has come and I fired up the F-250 so its cylinders can warm. Star has come running up to the front pasture. Hawks cry in the sky.


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8 responses to “Sandhill Crane heard

  1. Love this post, Jack. I’m hoping to hear them soon.

  2. Erin R.

    So that’s where they have flown off to…I hope you get to see them on the ground, Uncle Jack; it is a beautiful sight.

    • Erin: I do wish I could see them on the ground. I hear them, like a breeze through the brush; you know it’s there, but can’t see it. You and your land, Erin, are fortunate, because it is substantial enough that cranes browse in your fields. It’s not that common. Keep that land as long as you can.

  3. Boy, you’ve really got one on me here (or should I say hear!). I have never heard a sandhill crane in my life.

    Evidently spring has sprung, a few short weeks ago you were in the throws of winter.

    We have a long, long way to go. I’m content to continue the celebration of winter. It’s supposed to be 4 below tonight with a high of 12 degrees tomorrow. But rain on Sunday. Don’t you love rollercoasters?

    • Bill: That’s right, just a few weeks ago it was snow and ice. Now we’ve got wildfires and high winds.

      4 below! I still would like to celebrate Winter. Hot weather comes too soon for me.

      I didn’t get my back out of whack like you, but when I heard the flock of cranes overhead, I sprinted up the lane to the house. My first sprint knocked something loose in my left knee. Last night I woke up in pain and this morning I am limping like crazy. Knee is swollen and I’m afraid I tore something. In the sprint to photograph the cranes, I injured my leg; would have been better if I had just admired them and attended them in flight! Ah, well, I’ll make it. Tomorrow the doctor in Ft. Worth, I think.

      Keep warm. I going to look into making a tepee.

  4. Thousands of sandhill cranes are still here enjoying Whitewater Draw, AZ. They should be heading out soon though!

    It’s in the 70s here too, this is when spring starts.

    I’m glad all is well in your back yard.

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