New Mexico natural gas emergency

Here is a link with news about the natural gas emergency in Taos and Espanola, New Mexico.  The blog also has a list of the most recent articles and news concerning the Arctic blast in New Mexico.  If you use Twitter, @streamtaos is tweeting up-to-date items.

What’s The Word ?: Martinez dispatches more guardsmen to assist gas company.


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19 responses to “New Mexico natural gas emergency

  1. I didn’t know about this. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. I hope these people have heating again soon.

  2. That is really a serious problem, but it’s good to see such a positive response!

  3. Just read an article entitled “Off-grid community stays warm amidst crippling cold.” It really is time for America to stop its dependence. Lots of people live off the grid in AZ because it’s too expensive in rural areas to run power lines—little did they know how lucky they are. When are they going to start building entire developments this way? Ever? Why are new cars still being built to use gas? High MPG is still measured by the gallon. It’s all tied in to dependence. Ugh.

    • Ugh is right. Living off the grid. I’ve friends in Utah (Strawbale House site on my website list) that are off the grid — solar and a large diesel generator. They’re doing just fine. It seems we need a shock to change our ways. This is a shock to some people.

  4. One of the problems with the modern world is the notion that someone else will take care of our needs. We have developed a government and an economy that are service focused, and do well about 90% of the time.

    We all need to be completely prepared for a time or times when public utility services will not be available to us for extended times. This will require rethinking the way we run our daily lives, and will have major impacts on our spending habits. Perhaps we need to spend less on toys and more on practical equipment that will keep us alive and healthy during difficult days that may or may not lie ahead.

    Even something as simple as a well maintained generator that can power your whole house should be considered essential. I’m just saying we all need to do some more thinking about what it is that we can do for ourselves in hard times like the people in New Mexico are experiencing.

    • Bill:

      I totally agree with you. We are so used to someone else taking care of our needs that it is time to look outside the pretty box.


    • Well said, Bill. The preparation is all-important. Spending less on gadgets and toys and games and more on generators and fuel-efficient heating systems needs to begin sooner rather than later. We should always have a backup plan for food, heating, transportation, communication, illumination. It can be done. This gas situation took a lot of us by surprise. Simplify.

      • It occurs to me that one alternative transportation would be horses, or horse and buggy, in which case you’re all set, right?

      • Pretty much. Although down to one horse because of things that have happened, one horse can get me to town. I have a friend, Blu Cooksey, near Abilene who does have a stagecoach and trained horses for it — the Blue Rose Ranch. I think we can make readjustments to alternative transportation quite pronto. Yep, I’m all set. Gidde up, Star.

        For a post on Dusty Blu Cooksey and his husbandry with animals see, Dusty Blu and his animals.

  5. I am one of the people affected by the outage in New Mexico. I was without heat for 3 days and it was a rude awaking to our dependency on just the basics of life . Living in the United States, one of the greatest countries, we have become so accustomed to our comforts that when something like this happens we do not know how to react. For me I realized I am not immune to emergencies, natural disasters, terrorist attacks, or crazed people. Each night I thank the Lord for what he has provided me, how little or how much. It is time for us to stop taking God out of everything and start giving Him the thanks he deserves.

  6. Anonymous

    May I jump in? I’m in SF as I write this and was unaffected, but I agree. We need to look at outfitting ourselves with equipment and gain independence from our present systems, which are outdated and overburdened. Our country is in a precarious situation.

  7. Kittie Howard

    I read a small article about the dire situation in the Washington Post. Informative? Yes. But broad headlines would highlight a serious problem that is only going to get worse. Now, a few days ago, there was a huge article in the same newspaper about people in a very rich county in Maryland who divide their bickering between those who have generators and those who don’t.

    What does make enormous headlines is the number of power outages here (Northern Virginia). People like to run everything full blast then are annoyed when the power kicks off. Duh! A classic book comes to mind, “Sense and Sensibility”. We need some of it.

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