To the land of open range

We carried Fanny and Hija and her unborn foal to sale in our two-horse trailer named Equi Spirit.

Fanny or Shiners Fannin Peppy sold at the Heritage Place Mixed Winter Sale on Thursday in Oklahoma City.  Courtney Hampton of Summersville, Missouri, purchased Fanny.  Courtney’s work and pleasure with Fanny will center about Barrel Racing competition and Fanny will do Courtney well.  For Courtney and Fanny, it seemed love at first sight.  The hind socks on Fanny are white and shaped like wings and I trust Fanny will fly like the wind with Courtney.

In the listing of horses to be sold at Heritage Place, our second and third horse, Sweet Hija and the unborn foal, came up for bid at 8:00 p.m. Friday night.  All day long I prepped Sweet Hija and her unborn foal for the big event, going into the make-up ring — a place where you walk your horse in an open area — and then up the walk to the auction arena where a professional handler takes control.  When the presentation began, I walked with Hija and she showed her King Ranch style:  energetic, fully alert, stepping high, ears forward.  Yet she stayed close by me as I walked her from her left side.  For five minutes she presented her Running W, the brand of King Ranch, to the crowd before I handed her off to the handler that took her into the the bidding arena.

When she came back to me she was no longer mine.  Sweet Hija and her unborn foal passed into the kind and humane possession of Kim Elliott of Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Sweet Hija and her foal will reside near Calgary, on land and terrain that gave Bierstadt panorama to the films, Open Range and Legends of the Fall. Kim Elliott acted and her horses performed in both movies.  Ms. Elliott told me and Brenda that When horses come to our ranch, they are there for good and they have the terrain of Open Range to look at day after day.  How can Brenda and I be so happy and mournful at the same time for the unexpected fortunes of our three horses?  We are and we will be.


Sweet Hija and foal's new home with Kim Elliott on the open range near Calgary, Alberta, Canada.




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13 responses to “To the land of open range

  1. “How can Brenda and I be so happy and mournful at the same time for the unexpected fortunes of our three horses? We are and we will be.”

    How? Though I can’t answer that question, it is surely the same place I would be in, if I were in your all’s shoes — the place of mixed feeling, happy and sad.

  2. “When she came back to me she was no longer mine.” What incredibly fortunate horses they have been, and will continue to be. I believe animals know gratitude and they are surely feeling that now. Perhaps the same emotions you and Brenda are experiencing…happy and mournful, but the mournful will recede and the open range will provide the possibility for it. I understand your mixed emotions, but am happy for your sweet horses and what awaits them in their new lives. I hope you and Brenda have a really good weekend.

  3. Oh my god I’m crying. I’ve had zero experience in my life with horses but your relationship with them has educated me. The new owners will undoubtedly send photos, which we hope you’ll share with us.

  4. Semira

    Mr. Matthews,
    Sweet, SWEET, Hija and her unborn will carry on the Texas heritage in Canada and enjoy the beautiful landscape in your stead! Congratulations for giving her a good life and a great future! Please keep us updated on their progress, maybe we’ll see them in the movies someday!

  5. Erin R.

    I wish Fanny and Sweet Hija and her foal the best of luck and good times! And my sympathies are with you Dr. Matthews as you adjust to their loss.

  6. Jack and BRENDA,
    So good to hear that the mares both got good homes. As always it was a pleasure preparing them for you. Glad everything worked out good for you. Regards, Jimmie

  7. I can tell you will miss them Jack, but it must surely be a big relief to know that they will be appreciated and well cared for!

  8. My heart in my throat I really felt for you situation. This defines bittersweet, the pleasure of knowing you did the right thing and the sadness of loss.

    My hats off to you and your wife Jack. I hope the horses will feel the cool Canadian winds blowing through their coats while thinking of dusty trails in Texas.

    God Bless.

    • Bill, Thank you for your words. Yes, bitter and sweet. I’ll be glad when things calm down and I can look at the trees. “Cool Canadian winds…” I thought much the same as you. Dusty trails no more, I hope.

  9. Cathy

    Jack & Brenda,
    Just wanted to let you know we enjoyed meeting and visiting with both of you at the sale. Paul, Casey and myself now have new friends, yes we sold our horses for less money than we would have liked, but we feel that knowing that that are going to good homes is worth more in the long run.
    Our gelding, PC Redigo Ten is going to Wyoming. He will enjoy being on a ranch; where he will be rode for pleasure for a year with no expectations to perform. Then he might be used as a barrel racing horse. Our mares are going to El Paso and to Canada. We talked with the man that is taking our mare – Major Eye Appeal and her unborn foal to El Paso. We feel she will be treated well, and will look forward to hearing about her new foal. We were unable to meet the buyer of our other mare, Shes A Gone Gal; but she will be in Canada as well.
    You will need to let us know when Sweet Hija foals.

    Cathy, Paul, Casey & Ducky

    • So good of you to message us. I am so glad you are pleased about the homes to which they go. We are so lucky to have met you. You helped me tremendously and keep my spirits up. Warmest regards to you all, Jack.

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