Nature quote of day: Navajo

Native American oration illustrates a thankfulness and recognition of nature: earth, sky, creatures of the water, winged-ones, two-legged ones and four-legged animals.  For this Thanksgiving Day, Navajo singing chants show admiration of Nature.

Beauty above me,

Beauty below me,

Beauty to the east, west, north and south of me,

Beauty all around me.

Washington Matthews, The Night Chant, Smithsonian (ca. 1900)



The Navajo rug pictured above is on display at Sagebrush Gallery in Nevada City, California. “Yei figures, Probably a mid-20th century rug.  This has a muted mustard yellow…Three figures with feathers. “

Washington Matthews translated many Navajo singing chants and ceremonies.  The night chant translation is my favorite.  Many years ago I bought the large and lengthy chant from the Taos Bookstore.  They found a copy of the rare book and it sits among other Native American literature on my shelves.


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4 responses to “Nature quote of day: Navajo

  1. Oh, to live in a world where your entire “tribe” saw the omnipresence of Beauty.

  2. Kittie Howard

    That is quite a magnificent book you’ve got, Jack, a real treasure. I can imagine you and Brenda sitting on the couch, carefully turning the pages, enjoying a beauty that transcends the ages. The relatively new Native American museum on the Mall in D.C. is a place I know you’d also enjoy. Besides extremely interesting exhibits, one of the gift shoppes features baskets, pottery and woven articles made by Native Americans. A small basket sells for $900.00. And these items do sell! (They are exquisite! I drool!)

    Yes, the Night Chant is perfect. It works!

    • I thought the quote was appropriate. Spend more time than I should looking for something really good. The book has colored lithographs at the back that I intend to copy and upload for several posts.

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