Faro is not a card game

From Friggers Krog, Faro, Sweden

The Baltic Sea is the background for this photograph and is taken from the Friggers Krog restaurant website linked in The New York Times article below.  The agricultural life on the island has declined and the tourist industry has picked up the economy.  Be sure, if you read the article, to click on the Friggers Krog restaurant website.  More than likely a good Texas band with a fiddle will be performing there soon.  Yeah, right.

Faro is a card game.  It also the name of a Swedish town on an island in the Baltic Sea.

The Enchanted Island That Bergman Called Home – New York Times.

Friggars Krog Restaurant, Faro, Sweden. I really like this place.  Brenda and I must go there sometime.



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3 responses to “Faro is not a card game

  1. It’s so nice to know places like this still exist. Its ties to Bergman make me want to re-watch his movies – a good pastime for this winter. Thanks for creating a link to this article.

  2. The Faroe Islands are very familiar to those of us who lived in Southern Oregon. I have a friend, Matt Workman, who made himself the semi-official voice of the Faroe Island and relentless promoter of all things Faroe Island-ish until we (futilely) begged him to stop. He’s got a blog, http://workman.blogspot.com/, with the largest list of Faroe Island resources on the net.

    I stop by now and them to checkout the nifty webcam setup for 24/7 coverage at http://www.portal.fo/cam/webcam.php?kamera=93.

    He also make the world’s best garlic grilled cheese sandwich.

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